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Day 1: Why do they do that?




As the first entry in my blog, L'Occhio Onnisciente, I will spend a bit introducing the blog before I get into this day's topic. First, I am RePePe, a mighty viking serving under the flag of Valhalla, in the purple sphere of Planet Bob. This blog will contain analysis of certain events, with fun trivia, games, or any other fun things I decide to include. It'll also include things like "Today's Lesson" and the "Bob Award" for those that make CN just a bit better for the rest of us. So, look for analysis of issues on Planet Bob, with some levity and fun mixed.

As I begin every entry, comments of any productive nature are well-received!

I entitled this blog, "Why do they do that?" based on some things I have noticed in the Alliance Announcement forums especially. It happens very frequently: You get that nice hot, plate of lasagna out of the microwave, grab a drink, and go to your computer ready to check life on Planet Bob. After paying your bills, and saying hello to your buddies on the relay chat, you click the "Forums" link on your left sidebar, ready for breaking news and entertainment.

The majority of the time, you find announcements from 3rd party alliances, unrelated to yours for the most part. And, as nearly every topic, by the time you get to it, there has been a fair share of provoking, name-calling, character attacks, and "he-said-she-said." You trace it to the source and find it often to be someone who is not particularly affected by the OP but just had to type that provocative remark and add the reply. You may think I'm going to condemn this action, but you are far from the truth.

The provoking of the arguments should almost be commended!

Think about it. After you post "Good luck" or "o/" in a thread, you don't go back and check that thread much often afterwards. But, when you call out a player, nation, or alliance, you check the thread frequently to see what snappy remark you can come up with next.

Onto Today's Lesson: People enjoy to make those provocative posts because it's what keeps the forums of Planet Bob running smoothly. It is these posts which start the rude, yet entertaining topics we all love to read.

So, The Bob Award for Day 1 goes to players who start the somewhat annoying, somewhat disliked, yet highly entertaining bickering that many of us love to read.

Have a good day, Bob. Here's to all the players of CyberNations.




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