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Peering Into the Daylight




Carnage abounds. Many have said this is either:

1) The most damage-inflicting war in the history of Planet Bob, or

2) The most expensive war in the history of Planet Bob.

I can review the Wikis, and observe the writings of others who would certainly be more dependable than I. I can ask, and get opinions.

What I do know is that this war has brought Merlinus to its knees, but for the aid and assistance of our Alliance. The missiles are not raining down upon us at the moment. Foreign invaders have repaired to their shores for the time being. Our air raid sirens are silent as I write this. (These are not complaints, mind you.)

For the nations who felt compelled to strike against us, even as we were compelled to strike another nation at the behest of the Alliance who now streams aid, food, medicine, and temporary housing into our nation for the benefit of a bereft people, it is good that we have established this uneasy peace. I presume that, as we tend to our injured, wounded, and many thousands of dead, so do they.

It is an interesting notion that we have had to rent land from other nations for nothing more than the purpose of creating cemeteries. Several times more than the population of our land have fallen in battle. We are not a "renter" nation, nor is it our intention to be one. We are a sovereign nation, with a vision and a purpose larger than ourselves. We are accounting our losses, struggling to somehow create a remnant of our infrastructure while putting those who can back to work--for the moment.

We do sincerely hope this aggression is over. We believe our Alliance made this request of ultimate sacrifice from genuine and sincere need. We have been pleased, and very proud to answer that call, as we will whenever asked. We do not seek, nor do we wish to experience the vulgarities of war. Let that not confuse anyone. When required, Merlinus has shown her willingness to face obliteration rather than to let tyranny take hold. We would rather die free than live under bondage to any nation.

Many have paid that ultimate sacrifice, and are the newest heroes of Merlinus. Many more may be called to that honorable end. We see sunlight for the first time in many days. There is an eeriness, a pall fallen over our land. People walk among the ruins, yet they look up with a smile to the Sun. They have, at least for this moment, survived.

Much must be done, soon. As their Monarch, it falls to our leadership to lead now, from the front. As we bury our dead, tend our wounded, and survey the damage that makes for the costs of war, so must we use every hand to rebuild, restore, and if necessary re-arm. This may well have been our first taste of battle, but we are by no means deluded into thinking it will be our last. Yes, we must become much better prepared, especially defensively for the next time someone collaborates with their affiliates against us. Yes, we must build, as soon as possible, an effective fighting force. We will do both. We must also rebuild our national identity, infrastructure and technological foundations. We will do that, too.

That is, after all, the one true reason to look out into the light of day. Tomorrow will come, once this day has passed. Merlinus still stands, sovereign and free. For just today, that is enough. We wish no ill-will to anyone, and hope there is none towards our nation. To those nations who have felt the full wrath of Merlinus, we wish you well. Perhaps, in the days to come, we can again be friends. Nevertheless, know that it is our national will and deepest desire that Peace reign. Perhaps on Planet Bob, that is just too much to wish for. If we do not at least try, the future is already known. If we choose to seek, deliver, and sustain Peace, we can have it. As one wise sage has said, "An eye for an eye makes nothing more than two blind people."

My people can see the daylight. Can you?




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