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Communique From the Bunkers




The War rages on. We get, from our personal perspective at least, no sense of cessations being imminent. Our people are struggling, yet have seemingly found a resolve that has impressed us deeply. They simply refuse to die, or lay down and become a willing victim to the carnage around them. Even as Aid is waning because of the excessive costs of war to everyone, we hold. We hold not because of military might or awesome defenses. But, our meager defenses have significantly helped our cause. We can do very little in aggressive offense, but we are doing what we can. Our enemies have learned an important lesson about this nation. You may eventually win, but it will not be without a cost that you probably are not willing to pay. Winning for Merlinus is now measured by the watchword of our people: "Survive until dawn!" The cry rings out across the land, taken up as a clarion call to purpose and resolve by every citizen, from Hamlet to metropolis. As the people begin to believe, so does their ruler.

Even though we may be a fledgling nation, the people have somehow decided that, to the last man, woman and child they will fight with stones and sticks if need be, but they will fight. Surprised, but intensely proud, it is the people of Merlinus that have taught us a lesson. When you aren't certain about your future, take things one day at a time. Military might is a necessary and moral imperative for any nation, but that is not the sum total of it's strength. Strength comes through the being of this nation from the relentless will of her people. The might of an Alliance is of no less measure. The Order of Light (TOOL) has never failed to respond to our need where and how it could. One request, and other member nations have come running. Equipment, soldiers and money are among the treasure others have sacrificed from their own battles to come to our assistance. Those who found us as easy pickings in Merlinus may have well misjudged one of our greatest strengths: WE ARE TOOL!

I hope we can survive intact. But I have learned that survival is only worthy when it comes with honor. Our people know honor. It is all that keeps them struggling to light a campfire, or hand-pump petroleum products into damaged and failing remnants of our distinguished armored and air forces. We will survive on our terms alone. This is now a personal battle for our people. Daily they earn the right to determine the future of their nation. We will be a strong enough leader to follow their lead. No one has earned the right more than our people. From wherever they have found this well of will, it is they who are now feeding their Monarch, not the other way around.

For that, we will forever be grateful.




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