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War--Day 2




Private: Communique from HRH Merlinus - For Your Eyes Only

Salerno Palace

February 7th, 2010

Does anyone happen to know what I and Fred Flintstone have in common?

We both can look through our living room window and see nothing but rubble.

We have been attacked twice today.

By four different countries. 8 separate attacks. We still stand, as it were.

Our poor subjects are nearly, but not quite defeated. The People's Government is still in operation, if that is an appropriate term. Our technology has, umm, taken a decided step backwards. Our global defense network is now two Dixie Cups and a string. There is nobody on the other cup. Our shining testimony of architectural superiority, our Military Headquarters, is now running on a campfire and sticks. Without the presence of our exalted defense forces, the people have gone into Anarchy.

We would find words to say, but there are nearly no ears, other than our own to hear them. Blood and broken bodies are strewn in streets that are flowing red. Yet, those few who survive are standing watch with whatever weapons they can find or create. This is a very dark hour in the very short history of Merlinus. While my heart is laden with the heaviness of loss, I am so very proud of what my people are doing in this greatest hour of our short nation's history. They refuse to relent. Old men, women and even children man the guard. Tattered and wounded are standing watch to defend our country from the aggressors of SPARTA. We have been aided by our Alliance in whatever ways we have requested, to whatever degree they have been able. We find no fault with our friends in TOOL.

Were there radios, we would attempt communications with our Alliance. Were there so much as a bicycle remaining serviceable, any surviving subject of this nation would volunteer to risk death to carry our urgent plea to our Alliance leadership. Even our Treasury has been plundered by the invaders, leaving us with only one marble, a postage stamp, and (strangely enough) a ball of lint. Even in my humble working place, there was left nothing standing save a roll of toilet tissue and a light bulb on my desk. With them was a note. It said:

"When you screw this in and see what's left of your sorry nation, you're gonna need the other." It took me a moment to understand the meaning of this cryptic missive.

They were correct. My tears for my nation flow without ceasing. In the only reasonable move possible, I am attempting to call up our few reserves for homeland protection. Our forces are positioned as well as they can be, given the mood and temperment of our people. I fear they will set upon their own defenders in pure outrage at the raping, looting and pillaging the invaders have perpetrated upon our people and lands. (Heavy on the pillage!) I sit here on a broken toilet with no running water, constipating my next move.

I am their leader, and my people have responded each and every time I have asked anything of them. If we can defend, we can rebuild. If not, we are lost.

Hiya, Barney.




Recommended Comments

Aggression begets aggression. Sparta does not tolerate attacks upon it's nations.

An interesting, yet novel approach. Sadly, that philosophy does not seem to flow through to your Alliance, initiating unprovoked assaults upon another Alliance. Response inevitably follows initiation, which is an important fact for Alliances (and their nations) to remember. Were I you, I would consider the value of an allegiance to an Alliance with apparently such fickle "moral standards", especially when your streets are flowing with the blood of your very own--not theirs. The nation of Merlinus will entertain any private communications you and your fellow cohorts might wish to transmit regarding immediate cessation of battle. I would highly recommend sooner rather than later, however.


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