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January 31st 2010



Hello I am Commander the leader of Republic of Oceania for 126 days, now. The Republic of Oceania has been through a lot since I have ruled it. Currently we are in peace mode, because the New Polar Order ordered it. This the second day we had been in peace mode. We just recently came out of a victorious war against the nation of Petizzle. Yesterday, the 30rth, the war officially ended. Even though only one battle was lost in that war and the enemy was crushed, it has still done some harm to the Republic of Oceania. Just today we came out of bill lock with only $48,859.39 left. We have demolished all tanks and aircrafts and many soldiers, since they are now unnecessary. The New Polar Order does not allow any economic improvements. The Republic Of Oceania still owes tech to the nation of Neftyaniki. So unless ordered otherwise I will stay in peace mode, collect taxes and pay bills.


Leader of The Republic of Oceania


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