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On War and Priorities




There are those who feel wronged in this war. There are those who would choose to take the stance of the world police. This war is bringing out the worst possible thing we as an alliance would ever have to see: allies versus allies, and us inevitably being dragged in. This, however, is not why I am writing to you all. The reason for this bit of text is because it was proven to us that some alliances are little more than opportunistic rats hoping to rid themselves of a political enemy.

Some alliance defended the New Polar Order because they feel their obligations and friendships are what come first. In this case, we may disagree, but in the past, we have supported allies despite the odds mounted against them. However, defending the New Polar Order and her actions take a backseat to ridding the world of the Complaints and Grievances Union and the Super Friends. "We're in this war because SF and CnG threaten us and this is our best chance to bloody them and what they stand for,” Crymson, a familiar name to you all, said during coordination against those who would stand opposed to Polaris. He then added, “They threaten some of our allies too, needless to say,” as an afterthought.

These are the same people who have stayed at the top of the food chain by not hunting and not being hunted. This does not mean, however, that they are inexperienced and unable to do a thing to us. It doesn’t take a whole lot of strategy click the “Launch Nuclear Missile” button. And they can nuke us all they want, because that doesn’t destroy what they want to destroy. That doesn’t even scratch the surface.

They want a world they can control. They want control of what is said, when it is said and who says it. They want to suppress our freedoms. And we have a history of opposing that, and though we may lose the numbers war, we have won, time after time, the war for freedom. Keep that in mind as we watch our allies stomp each other, and as we stomp and get stomped in kind.

Onward, Shrooms.



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