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On Strategy



Some people see this game simply as a place where numbers and stats determine the outcome of a conflict. This would apparently be the case for The Order of the Paradox, who felt their collection of incredibly strong nations, along with help from IRON and TORN, would be more than enough for the Complaints and Grievances Union. However, strategy is something to be taken into consideration, even in a game where you click a button to attack. I will give you some credit, though. You attempted to win using a classic war maxim. "Thus," says Sun Tzu, "what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy." You attempted to disrupt the enemy's reinforcements using your superior numbers and strength. However, the tactic is useless when you do not take all into account. There were several treaties, on both sides of the conflict, that were not taken into consideration.

If you were to take on the Complaints and Grievances Union in this manner, you would have needed months, even years, to politically work yourself into a position where an attack on that Union would not bring the world to a screeching halt. While the word "Order" is in your name, you clearly lack the intelligence in this field the more famous Orders had. You would also have developed a network of allies with actual strength as opposed to allies who would merely bow before your dominion. You would have brought the New Polar Order, whose tie to the Mushroom Kingdom had waned a little with recent events, closer to you. You would have united entire color spheres under your banner.

You wouldn't have isolated those in the Citadel who had long been your allies.

Attacking your enemy's plans and alliances come first and foremost in warfare. However, your attack on the enemy's plans did not occur long enough before your attack on the enemy's armies to be of any benefit, and actually caused you much grief. You stopped the current war, and made yourself the focus of the global conflict, which brings a multitude of treaties into play. With those treaties and the friendships behind them not weakened enough, you brought yourself great strife and ensured a long war (unless, by the grace of admin, they give you quick peace).

Your lack of patience in isolating your enemies and building up your forces properly is a fault seen several times in history, most famously with the rushed creation of the League of Extraordinary Alliances, whose formation was a knee-jerk reaction to the signing of the World Unity Treaty. Because the League did not have the patience to wait and build their forces properly, their rushed decisions ultimately led to their destruction, a fate that could be yours if you are not careful (not necessarily in this war, but in the future).


Recommended Comments

TOP didn't 'stop the current war', they got screwed by circumstance. Almost all of C&G's allies were already engaged in the Polar-Raider war at the time that they DoWd, and a quick strike there to take out C&G before they could attack someone on their side of the war was arguably a good military move (though the political reaction was predictable).

Once Polar and everyone else peaced out, and C&G put on their hegemony masks (some are talking about no peace without joke terms, or 10 million NS off IRON), they were left looking very silly. But they weren't to know that m would accept peace just then.

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Actually, the formation of the League had been building up for a couple of months before the signing of the World Unity Treaty, so it's a pretty poor example to use.

Moreover...WUT kinda kicked their @#$% through plain ol' being better than them, not as a result of their own mistakes.

That misplaced historical reference aside, good article.

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