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Captain Marin

Before I expand the !@#$% of Big Sean to shove down my penis in it, to those G.O.O.D Music cocksuckers that are thinking that I am posting this entry for them, please do not. I am posting this because for one, I am not very fond of liars. Liars are the reason why I have been screwed over so many times. Liars are the reason why our society is plagued both politically and socially. I am merely expressing my feelings and exposing the lies that 90 percent of our world are consuming and accepting after watching the contradictory, hypocrisy, and !@#$%^&*tery that is this video:

To those lazy @#$%^ that did not watch the video, WATCH IT! It is only six minutes that you are spending to watch this video, which is short in comparison to all the porn and gaming you spend online. As a matter of fact, dont watch it. I wont make you waste six minutes for a bunch of neatly piled up !@#$%^&* your eyes are about to consume.

Shortly, Big Sean praises Kendrick's verse in Control and believes many have misinterpreted. He has also stated that his verse is better and simultaneously tells the camera man that he did not re-record his verse when the camera man never asked if he did so. He has also said that he believes that he had the better verse in Control, spits a few lines from that verse, and reps Detroit.


Big Sean, you are nothing but a lying swag fack pretty boy who looks like a black version of Earl from "My Name is Earl". Hell, you even talk like him. You are an embarrassment to humankind and a poor of an excuse of a man. You claim that you have went through the same cycle the "OGs" have while being a high school graduate with a 3.7 GPA. Hell, even your mom has rapped out the lyrics to that whack track "Dance" aloud way better than you will ever rap and has the nerve to approve of such lyricism. You are a 26-year old who acts and dresses like a teenager. Do us all a favor and please grow the $%&@ up.

I admit, Big Sean does have potential. He, sometimes, has some smart bars but his whackness absolutely outweighs the intellect of those bars (does he write his raps?). Anyone who says Big Sean does not have the potential to be a great rapper is an idiot. After hearing to Big Sean's Finally Famous Mixtapes Volumes 1 and 2, I did not believe he will be hailed for years to come but at least he tapped the peak of decency. It was mediocrity, but at least it was hearable mediocrity. I have expected this Finally Famous album to be huger than those two mixtapes that I have heard but regretfully, it was not. It was complete garbage. I would only buy extra copies for that album just to wipe my ass with it. It was that bad. From "My Last" to "Dance" to "High", I was immensely disappointed.

Nowadays, it seems like he is trying to duplicate the same exact style Drake has created (yeah, I'll get to him later). Drake at least has created his own style, it is !@#$* like Sean that I despise the most since all he is doing is copy and pasting the same exact crap that has destroyed hip-hop. He has used the same exact formula to get famous:

1) Make mixtapes that pleases the underground and their fans (use friends/family/internet for promotion)

2) Do freestyles on radio shows

3) Gain a connection with a popular musical artist

4) Make a mainstream, crappy album (underground fans will buy it without hearing the content after the mixtapes)

5) Make another mainstream, crappy album (underground fans will buy it without hearing the content hoping he will turn to his old ways, the same popular musical artist from Step 3 endorses the album, attracts a new crowd)

6) Make another mainstream album (underground fans will buy it without hearing the content hoping he will turn to his old ways, the same popular musical artist from Step 3 endorses the album, attracts a new crowd from that new crowd on Step 5)

And Step 6 repeats for the rest of the rapper's life for five years, then disappears for a moment and works in McDonald's for the rest of his life.

I know I have said this before, but it is the main motive that has made me write this entry and has to be heard aloud:

I believe know that Sean has totally scratched out his original verse and replaced it by the new, subliminal dissing verse we received to not look really weak in comparison with Jay and Kendrick hence the following:


And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale/

Pusha T, Meek Millz, ASAP Rocky, Drake/

Big Sean, Jay Electron, Tyler, Mac Miller/

I got love for you all, but Im tryna murder you !@#$%*/

Sean's New Verse:

So I can kick it with my granddad, take him for a ride/

Show him I made somethin of myself

And not just tried/

No matter how far ahead I get, I always feel behind

In my mind/

But $%&@ tryin and not doin/

Cause not doin is somethin a !@#$%* not doin/


Im over !@#$%* saying theyre the hottest !@#$%*

Then run to the hottest !@#$%* just to stay hot/

Im one of the hottest because I flame drop/

Drop fire, and not because Im name droppin, Hall of Fame droppin

He has also emphasized to the rap game that he did not write a new verse because it is not the way of an OG throughout an interview when not many has accused Big Sean of doing exactly that action.

So, now that you (and you guys) know what big of a liar and a wuss Big Sean is, I ask to you, sir(s), how can you defend Big Sean's rep now knowing that he is an equivalent as Drake and has went back on his word and lied to every single one of you Big Sean and G.O.O.D Music cocksuckers.

Captain Marin

Gosh, where do I even begin?

Kendrick Lamar looks like an idiotic pinheaded 5'4 person whose face has stopped maturing ever since he was 12.

Now that I am done with that and have slayed and exposed the whackness and hypocrisy that is Hopsin one million years ago, I will now slay upon the overrated cliche the Hip Hop world likes to call "Kendrick Lamar". First off, I am going to begin by complementing and extracting the nice features Lamar has since he does deserve it after that controversial verse in "Control" (What's a Big Sean?). I love Lamar's uniqueness and how he mixes a variety of styles into one. I give credibility to his originality since very few rappers seems to be committing such action nowadays. He introduced a different feature the hip-hop world has never ever witnesses and has constructed such a large empire out of it.....up until Good Kid, Mad City dropped (gosh,that album was filled with effortless wordplay, weak beats, and corny hooks). I believe that Section.80 is a masterpiece and Lamar should've never signed to Aftermath Entertainment. His Control verse went total boss, but there are some bugs needed to be fixed (those bugs are going to be explained in just a minute).

But the truth of the matter is, folks, that Kendrick receives a wee-bit too much credibility than he actually deserves for a rapper this young in the rap game. I absolutely awe in irony whenever someone claims that Lamar IS the future of hip-hop and that Lamar IS the best rapper alive and the he delivers the best lyricism when in reality, he is just as whack as those swag fack rappers you hear on the radio.

Why, you ask?

Kendrick Lamar mostly rhymes with words that are 1-2 syllables. His raps merely depend on the end line and does not commit to anything special within the line. All of Kendrick Lamar's songs are specifically like this.

I’m standing in a field full of land mines, doing the moonwalk hoping I blow up in time

I’m 23 with morals and plans of living cordial, not rich but wealthy, there’s nothing you can tell me

I tell you motha$%&@ers that life is full of hydraulics, Ups and downs, get a 6-4 better know how to drive it

I know to follow Him instead of following people or follow vanity, cause that means I’m following evil, guess I’m following evil, I shall follow

cathedral, blessings I need but live like I don’t need You

I tell my !@#$%* ‘front me, let me put it on the strip’, then give it back when I think about the consequence

Tell Wayne to swallow his pride , yall !@#$%* talking that jive

That kind of style really bugs and bores the hell out of me. Yes, there are indeed times where his wordplay is great, but most of the time, his format of lyricism and flow really are just as the same as those I have pointed out.

If your raps depend on end lines (lines that only rhyme with the word at the end of the line), then writing a rap verse is so $%&@in easy which really eliminates the challenge and the beauty of rap.

For example:

I be in the club drinkin alcohol !@#$/

Then I turn around and $%&@ on this !@#$%*/

Now, let us use STRATEGY to improve this line:

Walk into the club, gobbling bottle after bottle/

Talk like I dont give a $%&@, vommitin the !@#$% of this model/

See the difference? The last one has a different flow that really becomes fresh and anew, but it is really difficult trying to write it so :P .

Not to mention the really annoying same-word rhyming scheme -_- . Example? The epic (as most would say) "Control" Verse.

I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you !@#$%*

Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you !@#$%*

They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from u !@#$%*

I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you !@#$%*

Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you !@#$%*

They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from u !@#$%*

I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you !@#$%*

Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you !@#$%*

They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from u !@#$%*

I got love for you all but Im tryna murder you !@#$%*

Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you !@#$%*

They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you !@#$%*

Those are one of the few "legendary" lines of the oh-so "game-changing" verse. I do get that the passion, flow, and voice of that verse is what made the verse epic, but for the most part, people were not calling that verse as it was supposed to be called; it was instead accused of being lyrical and having a smart wordplay. The only time my ears had an orgasm while listening to a verse of Kendrick's was when he spit his alcapella in Game's song, "The City". In that track, Kendrick flows. Kendrick rhymes with larger words instead of the same old end-rhyme scheme. Kendrick's verse achieved to create a tune for itself that it did not even need to be extorted in a rap song with a beat. If he repeatedly raps like he has in "The City", maybe, just maybe, I will include myself as a fan of Kendrick Lamar and consider him great, but sadly, he does not.

Now that I have outlined that Lamar's lyricism is not that impressive and is the same as that of a swag fack rapper, Lamar is a bit of a hypocrite himself. He does not reach the great bar of hypocrisy as Hopsin has set in the rap world, but he still has set a bar anyhow. In the rap game, it is all about being the best emcee. At first, the emcee's purpose was to support the DJ and rep him as well. As time went by, the emcee started making a name for him/herself, thus rap was born. But rapping was not enough. The emcee was growing simultaneously and there were so many that the emcee had to prove himself the best out of them all, thus beef was born. The one thing you absolutely do not do while dissing someone is contradict/diss yourself. For example,

New !@#$%* just new !@#$%*, dont get involved

Ummm.... Lamar is comparing himself to legends that have stayed relevant to the rap game (mentioned right before this bar in the track) for over ten years then has the nerve to vociferate the up and coming rappers to not get involved in hip-hop when his debut album (or the first album that made Lamar relevant and popular in the rap game) was released in October 22, 2012! If he is insisting for the new, up and coming rappers to not get involved in the rap game, then isn't Kendrick himself supposed to be excluded as well since he does fall into that exact category he disses in the song?

As I have said, I do admire Kendrick Lamar's new take in rap and do believe that he went hard in "Control", but the bad actions he does in the rap game and the immense cocksucking he receives is too much for a guy who is not even as lyrical nor metaphorical nor experienced as everyone claims he is. Deuces.

Captain Marin

Hello every and all homo sapiens throughout Planet Bob,

As you all know, I have not posted any entries that either exposes that some "artists" does not compose musical and flabbergasting art, reviews about albums, and a display of the awesome lyricism that is tattooed against my notebook. I would post more if the internet connection was not too shabby, but ultimately, it is, and it makes those webpages I desire to log into really slow.

Fortunately, Windows Movie Maker does not need a fast internet connection to at least reach quality that of decency or satisfactory.

Since I am bored, I decided to upload videos that contain lyrics to those underrated songs I love. The songs I mainly create a lyric video is to a song that is unheard of and that there are no, or few, lyric videos about it; so I show my appreciation and take a good 30 minutes to type up and carefuly hear for every word to display.

These lyric videos do not contain any annoying background, exaggerated fonts, poor-quality audio, nor late slide swipes (maybe minor typos and mistranslated words), but overall, they are great So far, I have done two videos ("Gridiron" and "Lewis and Clark"), but I plan to do more once my laptop is fixed. I hope you guys check it out, and if you like them, then please subscribe and drop a comment.

If you guys got a request for me to make, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSEo34DBSB_rj32o4xOxAqQ

Captain Marin

Hopsin, the Black Slim Shady, Mister Oh-No, Pillow Man, the self-proclaimed Spider-Man of Rap, and the Crowned King of All Rawness, as all of his fans view him. His real name is Marcus and his last name is, coincidentally, Hopson (what a creative Stage Name). Anyways, I was just roaming through some Denace songs and videos, haters were accusing Denace of copying Eminem and as I rebutted their failed attempts of an insult, they redirected me to Hopsin.

The first song I checked out of Hopsin was Ill Mind 5, the best track Hopsin has ever produced. I thought of his lines, rhymes, and lyricism as child's play. He kept on rhyming one-syllable words, flow was the same, beat was awesome (sadly it wasn't produced by him), but he spoke the truth. At first, I thought of Hopsin as a good, not great, but good emcee. Then I heard of his history, checked out his old songs and the Raw Album. And my opinion completely changed about him.

I thought of him as a hypocrite, a Eminem Bite-Off, the Hero of the Cheesy Lines Association of Hip-Hop, the !@#$%-Ass Loudmouth, the Miles Morales of Rap. His fans take him as one of the greatest of all and the founder of a new era in Hip-Hop, but let us take a moment. Hopsin was first signed in to Ruthless Records, his debut album did bad, and accused the Queen of Ruthless (aka Eazy E's wife) of being such a bad manager. He, then, goes on to create a record label and disses the !@#$ out of her because his debut album did poorly. First off, he blames, blames, and blames. Accuses, accuses against others. He believes everyone, and I mean everyone, as the ones held responsible for corruption and is too !@#$% to take sole responsibility.

1. Please Dont Be A !@#$%* and Dont Disrespect the Wife of One of the Greatest (And Sadly Deceased) MCs of the 90s, Pay Respect

How in the flying $%&@ are you going to diss the wife of a legendary rapper that is dead!?!? Of course, maybe Hopsin didn't make as much money as expected and blamed Ruthless for its failure, but didn't Hopsin consider that maybe, just maybe, that his debut album sucked? İNah, that cant be, Hopsin is so $%&@in rad. Everything he makes is dope. Everyone sucks, everyone has issues bEsides Hopsin, you know why, because Hopsin is RAW! As he claims to be a hardcore fan of 90s Rap, that was mostly dominated by Dr.Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, those same artists that I've mentioned have made tens and tens of songs dissing Ruthless and was Hopsin's favorite rappers. Hopsin claims to be a conspiracy theorist, and all rap conspiracy theorists know that Eazy-E's beef with Dre settled down and he was thinking in leaving Ruthless (that is up until he coincidentally, at the time, got AIDS and died). Out of all the songs of his favorite rappers that were Anti-Ruthless and Eazy-E's trait of thought in departing from Ruthless, why in the flying $%&@ did he sign to $%&@in Ruthless in the first place!? If he was so intellectual as he claims he is, why didn't he read the contract, look at the amount he was going to be payed, instead of just signing in to the contract and complaining about the paycheck when you were informed on the spot. And Hop, dont complain how life is a !@#$%*, you diss rappers for no reason. You want respect? Earn it!

2. Hopsin Is A Coward

Hopsin dissed many rappers. Many many many many rappers, and about two of them replied. He and Tyer the Creator actually beefed. And to be honest, both put up a good fight, especially Tyler, but the battle was a draw since both rappers are equally fake and stupid. Then there is Soulja Boy. Hopsin called Soulja Biy cheesy and accused him of being a puppet, then Soulja replied. After Soulja replied, Hopsin did not respond to it. How in the flying hell can you start beef, then not end it? Hop called this guy out, Soulja, being a million times more whacker than Tyler, dissed him back, and Hopsin was pussied out. İFrom the words of the wise Pitbull, "do not start what you can't finish"!

3. Lyricism

The lyricism of this kid is as simplistic as that of a kindergartner could get. His rhymes are mostly one-syllable, and consists of the same flow as demonstrated in his Raw Album, and I'd bet my 10-year old brother can write better and more complex lyrics than him. Just because Hopsin talks about the illuminati and disses mainstream artists, it doesnt mean he is lyrical. Such as:

I'm the illest and that's fo' shizzle

My flow sizzles, yo boy Hop go hard like some cold nipples (İLyricism at its finest!)

You !@#$%* are making it so simple

My swag makes the ladies wave like fat stomachs with bold ripples (Oh the hypocrisy in this line!)

Cause I get buck like my Kool Aid's got way too much sugar in it (The worst. metaphor. ever.)

You better run like I'm booger flicking (Is this supposed to be funny?)

I'm the !@#$%* that Hollywood barely noticed

For pullin' cards, it's easy as sockin' on Gary Coleman (Your point is?)

I came and left but now I'm finna re-enter

Shiver-me-timbers, how the $%&@ can a !@#$%* be realer? (A !@#$%* can be realer if he stays true to his beliefs and does not overuse the same cheesy phrase he always does)

I don't know but my flow, is so cold, mistah oh no (Mr. Oh No? Hopstans, expect a song named like this. This is a poor clone to Eminem's Mr Dont Give A $%&@)

Anyone can rhyme words, but it rare that emcees invent smart rhyme schemes, awesome wordplay, and top it off with an impressive flow.

3. White Contacts

Hopsin, stop trying to make a fashion statement and cut off the contacts. We all know you bit that style from Method Man such as how you bit off Eminem.

*rolls eyes*

4. Do You Expect To Go Harder Than Eminem By Copying His Style?

If you think this statement is bogus, go compare the Real Slim Shady and/or Marshall Mathers LPs to that of Raw. It is funny how this guy tries to copy Shady yet he bites his own tongue trying to do so.

5. Hypocrisy

This man is the most hypocritical and fake rapper I have ever witnessed and heard of. He raps about violence, promotes it, then randomly, he starts preachng in Nocturnal Rainbows and Ill Mind 5 how the world is so corrupt and only through him will be how to revive the grace of Mother Earth and renaissance her. He first disses the $%&@ out of every mainstream rapper and Ruthless Records,makes ludicrous music videos that are so stupid (note: Hopsin directs his own music videos), makes horrorcore tracks like Kill Her, preach, and then go back in making horrorcore songs like Kill Her, Doo Doo Pants and Sag My Pants?

So drugs and sluts are a useless, stupid, and immature topic to rap about, but murder and rape isn't?

Hopsin, you remind me of my parents. You know your stuff, you know what is good for rap and what isn't, but the trouble with you is that you aren't man enough to set an example and whenever we commit the same mistake you do, you trip over it and become Grandpa Louis and rant how these youngsters are a pain in the ass. You want to fix the lives of millions? Then fix your own. You want these kids to be more mature? then mature up yourself. Stop !@#$%^&*ting us and set an example for us. You want to be a role model?then leave the rap game forever and never come back. In rap, it's all about who is the illest and hardest, and for one to do that, you need to make yourself look divine and make others look like idiots. And to top it all off, how can you spend one whole album and one song and your whole life vociferating that the mainstream sucks ass, and then make a song like Doo Doo Pants?!

Fun Fact: Hopsin got arrested three months after he released Ill Mind 5 :ehm: .

And just to sugar coat it all, you know how Hopsin says that he isn't in Hip-Hop for the money? He says he now wants out of the rap game, he experienced it and believes it is brutal, but then, he says that "there is too much money involved to leave". Hopsin, do you not trust Swizzle or Dizzy to handle Funk Volume? Were you not in the music, just for the music? It isn't hard to just walk away from a 500 thousand dollars, take 100k of them to go to college and finally be the role model you always wanted to be and make that same amount of money you had before.

Now, for the Hector/Captain Marin/Crusade Bash Festival hosted by the dickriders of Marchus :popcorn:

Captain Marin

Welcome every and all to a segment of the Umate of Hip-Hop, the Truth Nation. Here, is where I lift up the skirts and expose those rappers that are truly whack and show everyone that the same Whack MC I am harming and diminishing verbally receives more credibility than he/she (Note: "She" is included) actually deserves.

Most people will hate me for this, but I stay true to my beliefs and if you disagree with it, please, I beg you, do not be rude and call me or any of my work "a joke" nor any offensive remarks. Yes, you can criticize, but please be mature about it and attack the idea, not the person. Trust me, I am not hater of any sort, I just embrace my constructive critiques. A hater envies the person's fame and fortune, is too lazy/!@#$% to get their feet wet in the rap game, and attacks the artist in a personal level, all I am doing is attacking the artists' work and I am trying to perfect the art of rap with the "R3DEMPTION" Blog as evidence.

I will also be posting up the reason why Eminem is, was, an ever will be the G.O.A.T.

If you really take my constructive critiques on a personal level, and feel like arguing just for the hell of it, I'll be flattered and shall strip you of your manhood, but only through Personal/Private Messaging :war: .

Live long and prosper.

Captain Marin

As its Predecessor being Marshall Mathers LP and the Eminem Show being the 4th Solo Album by Eminem, Eminem has proven towards the world as a whole, that he too, can come up with an unexpected turn of events, changing his style a bit, and yet create a flawless album at the same time. The Eminem Show has some tracks that is dedicated for laughs with Without Me, Business, Superman and My Dad's Gone Crazy, but most of it is dark-toned and discusses serious matters. Eminem takes a moment to address his real life issues he had to deal with whether it is fame and his career (Say Goodbye Hollywood, When the Music Stops, Say What You Say), his past (Cleanin Out My Closet, Drips, Sing For the Moment), motivation (Till I Collapse), politics (White America, Square Dance), or his responsibility as a father (Hailie's Song), or just repping the Shady Pride (Soldier).

He appears to be more harsh on himself and accepting the criticism and accusation most critics of Marshall accuses him of being with "If I were black, I would've sold half", "I thought I was tough enough to stick it out with Kim/ but I wasn't tough enough to juggle two thing at once/ I found myself laying on my knees and cuffs/" "I look at Hailie, and I couldn't picture leaving her side/ Even if I hated Kim, I grit my teeth and I'd try /To make it work with her at least for Hailie's sake/ I maybe made some mistakes" as stated throughout the Eminem Show album, but alas, he takes a few tracks to lit a lyrical flame against the asses of those same critics.

The album appears to be more influenced on rock rap than the horrorcore genre as Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs have focused on ludicrous yet hilarious lines, and shows a side of Marshall Mathers the world has never seen before. In the end, Eminem has admitted that he did make mistakes in the past, but he is willing to accept them, move on, and vociferate to every Shady hater to not spend their whole lives envying his success; his love for Hailie is unconditional, his mother was a clear psychopath, and that ultimately, Eminem is, was, and ever will be the G.O.A.T.

Curtains Up (Skit) - 9/10 for a skit

White America - 10/10

Business - 8/10

Cleanin Out My Closet - 10/10

Square Dance - 9/10

The Kiss (Skit) - -10/10 as a Skit

Soldier - 10/10

Say Goodbye Hollywood - 10/10

Drips - 8/10

Without Me - 9/10

Paul Rosenberg (Skit) - 5/10 as a Skit

Sing for the Moment - 10/10

Superman - 7.5/10

Hailie's Song - 8/10

Steve Berman (Skit) - 10/10 as a Skit

When the Music Stops - 8.5/10

Say What You Say - 8/10

Till I Collapse - 10/10

My Dad's Gone Crazy - 8/10

Curtains Close (Skit) - 6/10 as a Skit

Overall: 9.5/10

Coming Soon Reviews: Language of My World, Recovery, Success Is Certain, Street Hop,and Welcome to: Our House

Captain Marin

The collaborative album in which has been titled as "the Re-Up" is one of the best albums I have heard that has ben released upon by Shady Records. The album mostly features most signees of Shady Aftermath (Shady Records + Aftermath Entertainment). From Shady Narcotics to No Apologies, I have appeared to enjoy every single second of the record. Every song has been crafted perfectly, whether when it comes to lyrical content, catchy hooks, and the rhythm of the instrumental.

The album is better listened if you listen to it as a whole in the order it is originally listed. The tracks in Re-Up are enjoyable when you hear them individually, but the the experience is much more excellent when listened to as a whole in the order given since the one track of the album introduces the next.

I would do a review of each track in the Re-Up, but since I am writing this review five minutes after I heard the album and dont want to spend one more hour listening it to it all again due to my studies and social life, I will just give the rating digit. And I dont feel like writing essays today, and I know half of you won't follow through, so here are the rates of each track out of 10.

Shady Narcotics (Skit) - 10/10 for a Skit

We're Back- 8/10

Pistol Pistol Remix - 7.5/10

Murder- 8.5/10

Everything Is Shady - 8/10

The Re-Up - 9/10

You Dont Know - 10/10

Jimmy Crack Corn - 8/10

Trapped - 10/10

Whatever You Want - 7.5/10

Talkin All That - 7/10

By My Side - 8.5/10

Smack That Remix - 6.5/10

Public Enemy Number One - 10/10

Get Low - 7/10

Ski Mask Remix - 8.5/10

Shake That Remix - 8/10

Cry Now Remix - 9/10

No Apologies - 10/10

Overall - 8/10

Live long and prosper fellow readers

Captain Marin

Hello and greetings all to the Umaté of Hip-Hop. For you curious minds that are questioning the title of this blog, the Star Wars term "Umaté" is a rock that is located in the Shanarai that is used by Jedi to tap the Coruscanti's "inner spirit" and since this blog lashes out my true, inner beliefs about Hip-Hop, why not call it that.

Anyways, this blogplace shall be a library of all my critiques, rants, compliments, grievances, and analysis to rap music. I will also be making some recommendations of songs so if you are looking for awesome, new music, check here. The critiques/analysis will be about the artist or the content of an artist's album. I will also make some rants about mainstream rappers whereas I lift the skrits of those self-titled/wanna-be emcee "gangstahs" and expose of who they truly are (Im looking at you Keef, Wayne, Hopsin, Dizzy, Kanye, Soulja Boy, Tyga).

If you are a fan of YMCMB/Keef/OFWGATA/Taylor Gang/MMG/Funk Volume, a !@#$%, a coward, a sensitive freak, or a guy who takes one's opinion as an insult, leave now! I am just expressing my honest opinion and in no way it is my intention to insult any reader that is not that artist I am insulting.

Anyways, now that Im done here, I hope you guys enjoy whatever I am putting up and if you don't, then I will have some cheese for your whine. Live long and prosper.

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