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  1. In a variety of situations, I have reigned superior in dragging morons like Brehon, Tenages, and practically half of the NPO Alliance and 90 percent of the PN and PT players towards a characteristic consisting of such childish acts and sayings of idiocy. The art of trolling needs to be praised more and trolls should not be viewed as the essence of corruption, but an essence of manipulation and power. Those who deny to view the truth of their tyranny and brilliance of the troll are those who accuse trolls of being annoying and being an idiot. Thank you for proving my point in how I convinced a
  2. Connection is one of the reasons why I felt sympathy for Anakin instead of agony and pleading against the antagonist; the poor guy is being forced to choose between love and accomplishment. Anakin was an outcast from the Jedi Council and was not liked upon them neither (besides Obi-Wan). Palpatine is basically the only person (besides Padme) that has recognized Anakin's skills and complimented along with them. Which side would you rather pick, the pure side where love and fatherhood is prohibited, or the evil side that allows you to peacefully cherish moments with your wife along with comforta
  3. I deny to view a biased opinion that centers in comedy and humiliation (Im assuming) instead of viewing the movie with depth and core criticism. If you are redirecting me to another person to convince me Episode III is a horrible movie, then it is clear that you, yourself, have admitted to fail in the wondrous powers of persuasion. My opinion is mine to believe, I am not forcing you to have my same opinions, nor am I expecting to be convinced by the use of inaccuracy and exaggeration.
  4. I am being serious. Yes, every movie does indeed contain its own flaws but I believe Episode III is the strongest of all of the Star Wars films. Maybe it is because Episode III was released during my childhood and Im a sucker for dark movies, emotion, politics, lightsaber battles, and special effects, but Episode III is a great movie with a fantastic story that honored the legacy of the Original Trilogy by the use of easter eggs and cameos (in my opinion). If you think otherwise, feel free to compose
  5. I mean to say this earlier: +1 This is how one is supposed to review a film(s). Produce criticism that is not filled with such ignorance and exaggeration. I agree with everything you have just said, but my belief on Episode III still remains the same since it is a movie that develops its own kind of feel instead of sticking to the same-old, same-old Original trilogy feel. Not that I am saying that the Originals were a complete trainwreck and that I despise that sort of tone in a piece of cinema, but it is that watching the same story being told with the same elements that gets boring to me.
  6. Masterpieces? BAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love how you justify your absence of personal opinion by reading the opinions of others, calling them masterpieces, accuse me of a stupid, arrogant being when it is you who is taking my opinion so damn personal. And here's the kicker, you claim that it is my stupidity that chocks you up in posting a full length, rational post when in reality, you have suffered a dose of writer's block because you have failed to counter the BS you call a belief that is not even original. Her
  7. It rather depends on how you perceive the storyline since I do not view the movie as if I am a consumer in a movie theater, I view it by putting myself in the exact position the main character is in and as much as you despise the prequels, I believe that Episode III surpasses the Originals because of the emotion, drastic improvement, great storyline, and passion exuded into this piece of cinema. It tells the rise of Darth Vader fantastically, and takes towards its own direction rather than duplicating those same elements towards a new age (such as Episode I). You need to remember it is a new
  8. Reviews are for idiots that cannot make up their minds about a certain objective. Earn your own beliefs and stop depending on ignorant, no-life, journalist-rejected assfaults for ya.
  9. A) Darth Vader has accordingly followed his master's orders throughout the Original Trilogy. He was basically the Emperor's Pawn because it was the Emperor who accepted him when the Jedi Council denied so. The Emperor was the one who embraced the actual talent and potential Anakin Skywalker has as a warrior and as a person. Sidious was basically the only person who has expressed concern towards Anakin whereas Obi-Wan acted as a no-BS strict parent that has grown ignorant towards any input by his own apprentice and cared for the Jedi Code and the Jedi Council rather than Anakin himself (in Anki
  10. All irrelevant and off-topic comments will be deleted.
  11. Fortunately, I do not let a use of CG to ruin the movie (or a trilogy) for me. George Lucas has attempted to use the same element of production he has in the Original Trilogy regarding special effects, and it looked horrid. The same use of special effects Star Wars IV-VI has used was extremely outdated and George Lucas was aware that he needed to add a tad bit of improvement and modernization into his work. To this day, when I see Episode I, it looks like as if it were fan-film instead. Hell, even Star Wars Fan Films were better than that Episode; that is to say how mediocre that movie was. Th
  12. Ever since the year 1969, George Lucas has created a legion of followers that has forever hailed the name and the universe of Star Wars. From a trilogy of cinema, to conventions, to a franchise of books, Star Wars has proven itself time and time again that its universe shall never be plagued nor will it be diminished by the corporate menace or the single nightmare of writing. That is up until Star Wars has blasted its highly anticipated comeback, but it was not strong enough to have the crowd reminisce and remind what made Star Wars such a great franchise. George Lucas has then returned with A
  13. I agree, it is too early to determine who might be the greatest of all time since it seems that Hip-Hop might be reviving some time in the future and escape from the trap it fell into. I know I have said he is, but so far, he is my favorite out of every rapper who has picked up the mic.
  14. I never said you were, hence the "Serving as a sidenote" statement. What do you have to say now that I have exposed you of your illiteracy once again . You like music from Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Kanye West. That alone should show how you do not know what the term "good music" is. Oh, and by the way, I am 16 years old. Get your facts straight before you let your mouth illogically run. Dead Prez and Immortal Technique are both phenomenal artists. They deserve more credibility than they currently receive. And to be honest, I do not let a couple of songs (or a few) ruin my opinion for an art
  15. Oof, really? He only mentions his connection with women in a couple of his songs in each album (most of them to be about Hailie, mainly), but not all of his tracks relate to his views in marriage and women. Gosh, how many times do I have to copy and paste this list of Eminem tracks for people to understand that Eminem is not a rapping stand-up comedian with a dirty sense of humor! Last time I am posting this list! (Maybe once more on the "Why Eminem Is the GOAT" entry to my blog that is coming soon )
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