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  1. In a variety of situations, I have reigned superior in dragging morons like Brehon, Tenages, and practically half of the NPO Alliance and 90 percent of the PN and PT players towards a characteristic consisting of such childish acts and sayings of idiocy. The art of trolling needs to be praised more and trolls should not be viewed as the essence of corruption, but an essence of manipulation and power. Those who deny to view the truth of their tyranny and brilliance of the troll are those who accuse trolls of being annoying and being an idiot. Thank you for proving my point in how I convinced a dumb-ass like you to read the post of this "idiot" and $%&@ you very much.
  2. Connection is one of the reasons why I felt sympathy for Anakin instead of agony and pleading against the antagonist; the poor guy is being forced to choose between love and accomplishment. Anakin was an outcast from the Jedi Council and was not liked upon them neither (besides Obi-Wan). Palpatine is basically the only person (besides Padme) that has recognized Anakin's skills and complimented along with them. Which side would you rather pick, the pure side where love and fatherhood is prohibited, or the evil side that allows you to peacefully cherish moments with your wife along with comfortably raising your own children without fear of banishment. No one, basically, because about 80 percent of the Star Wars Community denies to view Episode III for what it is for. And I am only justifying the great depth of Revenge of the Sith, not the prequels as a whole (although they did connect the puzzles towards Episode III wonderfully). The Original Trilogy also had a lot of problems themselves such as the Emperor and Lord Vader's absence of sensing the presence of Vader's lost children and the remaining Jedi through the usage of the force, or what about an 18-year old (with the slightest of experience compared to the other pilots) being the only one diminishing the terrifying Death Star. Do I even need to go on about the wide variety of clumsy Storm Troopers being outsmarted by hairy Tarzans? Although the Originals provides a great story, they have issues just as much as the Prequels had. The only reason why the Prequels are bashed mostly about is because it is a recent addition to the Star Wars saga, I have 10 dollars that you will be one (among many) complaining how J.J. Abrams is a poor sci-fi director while regretting Disney ever produced Episode VII. Lol, Luke was an exact, whiny teenager that complained all assignments his uncle gave to him and couldnt care less about his own relatives he supposedly cared for and loved (evident by his reaction to their deaths). The only part of the trilogy I felt true emotion is Darth Vader informing Luke that he is his father and the victory of the Battle of Endor. Obviously, you need to remind yourself that the Prequels were created to introduce Star Wars to a new generation for the sake of their own survival, not for the discrepancy of the average, adult fan. George Lucas did try to lessen the CGI and use the same effects he has in the Originals, but it all resulted in a major backlash that proved outdated (i.e. Episode I). George had to use CGI to express the beauty of the Republic before the awful totalitarian state of the Empire. He had to express how beautiful and glorious the Republic was to root for the wonders and liberties democracy brought towards this universe. How was he supposed to create this beautiful, great republic with the same effects used in the Original Trilogy? CGI was the only logical way to go, not to mention how Star Wars would be improved upon the eyes of the new generation if expressed.
  3. I deny to view a biased opinion that centers in comedy and humiliation (Im assuming) instead of viewing the movie with depth and core criticism. If you are redirecting me to another person to convince me Episode III is a horrible movie, then it is clear that you, yourself, have admitted to fail in the wondrous powers of persuasion. My opinion is mine to believe, I am not forcing you to have my same opinions, nor am I expecting to be convinced by the use of inaccuracy and exaggeration.
  4. I am being serious. Yes, every movie does indeed contain its own flaws but I believe Episode III is the strongest of all of the Star Wars films. Maybe it is because Episode III was released during my childhood and Im a sucker for dark movies, emotion, politics, lightsaber battles, and special effects, but Episode III is a great movie with a fantastic story that honored the legacy of the Original Trilogy by the use of easter eggs and cameos (in my opinion). If you think otherwise, feel free to compose
  5. I mean to say this earlier: +1 This is how one is supposed to review a film(s). Produce criticism that is not filled with such ignorance and exaggeration. I agree with everything you have just said, but my belief on Episode III still remains the same since it is a movie that develops its own kind of feel instead of sticking to the same-old, same-old Original trilogy feel. Not that I am saying that the Originals were a complete trainwreck and that I despise that sort of tone in a piece of cinema, but it is that watching the same story being told with the same elements that gets boring to me. Episode III took its own path and I loved the dark, emotional path it took. I agree, it does not produce the same elements as the Originals but it instead creates its own and that is what I love in a movie when belonging to a franchise: originality.
  6. Masterpieces? BAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love how you justify your absence of personal opinion by reading the opinions of others, calling them masterpieces, accuse me of a stupid, arrogant being when it is you who is taking my opinion so damn personal. And here's the kicker, you claim that it is my stupidity that chocks you up in posting a full length, rational post when in reality, you have suffered a dose of writer's block because you have failed to counter the BS you call a belief that is not even original. Here is a bright idea, develop your own opinion instead of having others develop them for ya and stop insulting whomever disagrees with you. I did not call you any names. I did not say your opinion was arrogant yet somehow, these kinds of conflicts always winds up with me taking 90 percent of the fault by simply defending myself. Do not insult the person, insult the idea.
  7. It rather depends on how you perceive the storyline since I do not view the movie as if I am a consumer in a movie theater, I view it by putting myself in the exact position the main character is in and as much as you despise the prequels, I believe that Episode III surpasses the Originals because of the emotion, drastic improvement, great storyline, and passion exuded into this piece of cinema. It tells the rise of Darth Vader fantastically, and takes towards its own direction rather than duplicating those same elements towards a new age (such as Episode I). You need to remember it is a new day, a new generation. In order to keep Star Wars alive, George has needed to introduce Star Wars to a style the new generation that sees fit along with blending in some influences by the loyal community. Anakin was not a stupid character at all, you thought of him as a stupid character since you knew the Emperor's scheme and was well aware Palpatine was the Dark Lord. How is Anakin going to choose his dreams as a Jedi Warrior over the mother of his child(ren)? How is Anakin going to stay loyal to the Order when all the Order has done is diminish his confidence ,left him out, and prohibit him from having any type of emotion? How was Anakin going to be aware of Palpatine's schemes when the Force has been darkly clouded towards the Jedi by a Sith Lord as noticed by Master Yoda during Episode II? Padme did not die a broken heart (she has metaphorically). Vader force-choked a pregnant woman who was minutes before delivery, how was she going to survive child birth? Hell, she's lucky to even see her children alive! The doctors did not possess any knowledge of Vader force-choking Padme half to death, thus they did not know how they were losing her. I have sufficiently explained how Episode III produces a great story while reciting the lack of emotion of the Originals. Overall, the Original trilogy was indeed greater than the Prequels, but individually, Episode III reigns over them all. It is not due to ignorance, it is because I do not comfort myself into a "Old School always does it better", it is because I establish my own opinions rather than depending on the masses and the ignorant internet philosophies created upon by ignorant rejects that fail to view the opinion a different point of view from theirs to at least understand why their opponent believes so. You are telling me that the Prequels were an absolute trainwreck and I say to you that it does not because I , independently, have established this opinion of mine and observe movies with more depth and logic rather than judging what is on the big screen. I like dark movies. I like movies with special effects. I also love a great story to accompany those elements and Episode III has filled up those gaps. Is there needless to say more? I believe so but why should I prove my opinion and myself towards you and every one of these !@#$* that take my opinion (and myself) as a joke. Society is to not say what I like. Fanboys ,like you, will never be satisfied and will be complaining how Star Wars Episode VII was a horrid film and how J.J. Abrams is a terrible director no matter how good it is because old school is always better than new school, right?
  8. Reviews are for idiots that cannot make up their minds about a certain objective. Earn your own beliefs and stop depending on ignorant, no-life, journalist-rejected assfaults for ya.
  9. A) Darth Vader has accordingly followed his master's orders throughout the Original Trilogy. He was basically the Emperor's Pawn because it was the Emperor who accepted him when the Jedi Council denied so. The Emperor was the one who embraced the actual talent and potential Anakin Skywalker has as a warrior and as a person. Sidious was basically the only person who has expressed concern towards Anakin whereas Obi-Wan acted as a no-BS strict parent that has grown ignorant towards any input by his own apprentice and cared for the Jedi Code and the Jedi Council rather than Anakin himself (in Ankin's point of view). The Jedi Code did not allow any type of emotion into a Jedi, being a human, while Anakin and Padme were both in love with each other. Who would you rather pick, the love of your life and the mother of your child(ren) or living your dreams as a Jedi Master of the Council. Anakin did not feel comfortable. Anakin was an outcast of the Jedi and wanted something more than what he has received, so he has turned to the one side that accepted him for being himself - the Dark Side. B) Padme did not die because of Darth Vader being conceived, she died at child birth (just right after Darth Vader force-choked her to a faint), which was the one vision and nightmare that clouded Anakin's mind with paranoia since his own mother's demise signaled the same type of nightmares and visions Anakin has had towards Padme. He was desperate and he wanted his wife to live longer and not die because Anakin "cannot live without her". That has accomplished to convince the public how much Anakin cares for Padme and loves for her. C) I awe in irony when you say that you have sunk in emotion while watching the Original Trilogy. Emotion was the single characteristic the Original Trilogy failed to deliver. "My oh my, my uncle and aunt, that has raised me ever since I was a baby, has died. Let me mourn for a couple of minutes and join an old man who I think is a crazy elder. " "Oh, my father has died in my arms while saving my ass from an evil emperor, let me ditch this old fart, save myself and celebrate victory with my friends instead of attempting to save my old man from being burnt and honor his death." Do I even need to talk about Jabba's oh-so merciless "gang", the *sobs* tragic death of Bobba Fett, and the final battle victory of the rebellion? Hell, the clone troopers' strength were equivalent towards of that of Harry Lime and Marv Merchants from Home Alone! Darth Sidious's hunger for power was indeed ludicrous, but rational enough to understand the greed of the Sith and politicians whereas Sidious's plan to create a Death Star (a machine that only destroys one planet and takes up way too many resources to support) was moronic instead of genuine. Sidious's strategy to create an empire was brilliant and do not see how it can be outdone. D) For one, I have not enjoyed the effects of the Original Trilogy. The plot was epic and the acting was amazing but the issue I had with Episodes IV-VI were the effects and I understand that those effects back then were hailed and highly praised, but in an age where you can bring the world of Coruscant to life and modernize the battles between Clones and Droids, between Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, it would only be deemed logical for Lucas to seize the moment and use the CG as an advantage. I concur that there was an over-excess during Attack of the Clones but it was better moderated in Episode III. Many believe that one of the flaws of Revenge was that it had too many action sequences and I reply with, why wouldn't it be. In a world with lightsabers, lasers, blasters, spaceships, robots, and a recent discovery of a Clone Army, it would be rational that the Republic would take advantage of such sources to use them for their own good. Not to mention that Palpatine's excess of executive, military powers shows how war-hungry and corrupt Palpatine was as the Chancellor. Not to mention the epic lightsaber duels the Prequels perfected. Put down the damn lightsaber toys from 1977 and for once, break out of that ignorant "Old School will always be better than New School" phase. Episode III might've not remain the same elements of the Original Trilogy, but it created its own. While Phantom contained some cheesy lines and effects as Attack provided boring scenes, Revenge grips the objective and core plot of the movie and ignites it with a flame. George Lucas has demonstrated the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker's fall and Darth Vader's rise. The legendary "So this is how democracy dies, with a thunderous applauds" line and Sidious's rise of power and the birth of Darth Vader demonstrates that such event should not be sugarcoated influenced by the Original Trilogy that it had to take a different, darker direction to make the rise of an empire and the birth of Lord Vader a tragedy. Episode III has not failed to connect the Prequels towards the Originals and the Originals towards the Prequels. You are entitled to your opinion, but for me , Revenge is the epitome of a Star Wars movie.
  10. All irrelevant and off-topic comments will be deleted.
  11. Fortunately, I do not let a use of CG to ruin the movie (or a trilogy) for me. George Lucas has attempted to use the same element of production he has in the Original Trilogy regarding special effects, and it looked horrid. The same use of special effects Star Wars IV-VI has used was extremely outdated and George Lucas was aware that he needed to add a tad bit of improvement and modernization into his work. To this day, when I see Episode I, it looks like as if it were fan-film instead. Hell, even Star Wars Fan Films were better than that Episode; that is to say how mediocre that movie was. The little boy was uncalled for, Natalie Portman's acting was too wooden, the podrace was unnecessary and too extensive, and Qui-Gonn was definitely underused and was portrayed as a wise, but weak master (His own apprentice was able to kill the adversary that killed him!). I concur that Episode I is the worst of the trilogy but Darth Maul and the Lightsaber Battles saved that movie from being a trainwreck. For me, a use of CGI does not disturb me. As long as it is better moderated and the effects at least reach decency (not perfection). The story, depth, and the core principles of the story is what grasps my interest more than the CG and that is exactly what Episode III achieved to do. The acting of Hayden Christensen has convinced the public of his internal and external conflict. With having a choice between the love and life of his wife and the Jedi Council's trust and respect, it is no doubt why Anakin became into Lord Vader. Episodes I and II solely cannot stand on its feet (maybe Episode II will stand and cringe a bit), but blend the stories of Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones with Revenge of the Sith, the core plot of the trilogy does not outweigh the Originals but the strategic rise of a totalitarian Sith is what I consider genuine. Natalie Portman's acting improved, but not as drastically as Hayden's. Yes, there might be a bit of excess of the CG used in Episode III, but at least be appreciative that the special effects were deemed viewable. George Lucas has attempted to bring back the indie/generic feel of a Star Wars production but Episode I proved that it does not work in a sci-fi movie no longer. Weakly? The strategy of Darth Sidious's rise to power is one of the most genuine plots I have seen in an antagonist in my lifetime. Darth Sidious used Anakin's love of Padme, his hunger for power, and scarred soul of nonacceptance as a tool, exploited it, and had Anakin evolve into Lord Vader. Sparking a Seperatist/Clone War within his own republic to accomplish insecurity and segregation into the Senate, having the Clone Wars be the reason to gain more executive powers militarily, and framing the Jedi as being a band of evil rebels under secrecy while using Anakin's fears and emotions as a catalyst for the dark side makes this plot epic. Anakin allowed himself not to be saved because his mind was polluted by love, grief, and fear. George Lucas has excellently displayed the usage of the Jedi's Principles and what occurs when those principles are ignored by a Jedi. When you are to decide between love or respect, you are debating in your head which one to choose and as always, love is what reigns victorious. Anakin had those exact dreams about his mother and look what happened to her in Episode II; he had those same visions and nightmares towards Padme and assumed those nightmares and visions to be true hence his mother's death; which is what deems Yoda's grandiose philosophy correct. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." It is not Anakin's loyalty to Palpatine that lead Darth Vader to be conceived, it was because of Anakin's love for Padme, that lead him to the dark side. Sidious has promised Anakin the safety of his wife, and the Jedi did not permit love and marriage into the souls of the Padawan, Warrior, and Grand Master. Anakin was having the same visions and nightmares of Padme as he had witnessed that lead to the tragedy of his mother. With marriage and love being legal in the Sith, and the safety and everlasting life of his beloved wife being guaranteed by the one person who has exploited Anakin's emotions into use, it is no wonder why Anakin transformed to the dark side. Hell, if I were in his position, I would've gave the finger to the Jedi and abide my allegiance to the Sith. If you fail to understand that, then a more depth coherence you need to gain towards Episode III and re-watching might be necessary.
  12. Ever since the year 1969, George Lucas has created a legion of followers that has forever hailed the name and the universe of Star Wars. From a trilogy of cinema, to conventions, to a franchise of books, Star Wars has proven itself time and time again that its universe shall never be plagued nor will it be diminished by the corporate menace or the single nightmare of writing. That is up until Star Wars has blasted its highly anticipated comeback, but it was not strong enough to have the crowd reminisce and remind what made Star Wars such a great franchise. George Lucas has then returned with Attack of the Clones, which everything was present what made a film great but not what made Star Wars such an epic phenomenon. Fanboys became enraged. Geeks have arisen a revolution against the Godfather of Sci-Fi, many have doubted Star Wars' existence. That is, up until 2005. George Lucas became aware that he is destroying the single universe he has created. He, too, became enraged against the fanboys but has acknowledged the fact that he is doing this for the sole satisfactory of those he has gained the hearts; he needed to gain those hearts in return for the sake of Star Wars' existence and so he became aware that Episode III was his only chance to do so. Furiously, George Lucas began production for Star Wars: Episode III. Expecting this film to be a great disappointment by wooden acting, excessive use of CGI, and a mediocre script, George has stricken back with such a vengeance. Episode III did not fulfill the same spirit the Original Trilogy has acclaimed, but it has created its own. Starting with battle scene, demise of Count Dooku, the chase against General Grievous; the plot has escalated in such an epic middle and climax. Every Lightsaber Battle was fantastic, Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen's acting drastically improved, the use of CGI was better moderated, combat scenes were epic, but the reason why Star Wars Episode III was such a success critically was not because of the birth of Darth Vader, but the inner most depth and emotion of the film accompanied with a fantastic score by John Williams. The Great Jedi Purge, the birth of a new Empire, the great revealing, the death of Democracy, Padme, and Anakin Skywalker, the genuine rise of power of Darth Sidious, and the lightsaber battles between Lord Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, all of those objectives were the reasons why Star Wars III was such a success. Back during the childish days of the 7th Grade, before the !@#$%bags at Time Warner cut off my families' illegal cable, I was roaming throughout the pixels of television up until I have stumbled upon a Star Wars movie during May 4 in the Spike Television Network. That Star Wars movie was Revenge of the Sith. Without knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, I have decided to watch it and see what is so great about Star Wars. The movie gave me goosebumps. The battle between Obi-Wan and Vader had me in thrill and suspense. The battle between Yoda and Sidious gave me curiosity about the Star Wars Universe. The Jedi Purge gripped my soul with emotion. I had sympathy for Anakin when he turned to the dark side because I know how it feels like to be ignored and be remained unimportant. This week, I have viewed the prequels (for the 4th or 5th time) and I still feel that same feeling I felt when I first watched Episode III. Personally, I believe that Episode III reigns superior from the rest of the movies of Star Wars not because of its CGI, but because Episode III has inserted the one feeling the rest of the films did not do: emotion. A movie dark-toned both technically and story-wise catches my attention more than a good one. A movie with great action and beautiful battles with modern effects, passion, and emotion grabs my attention more than a combat scene with a short lightsaber duel and a cheesy battle with custom effects. It is not because I have angst towards the Original Trilogy, it is because Episode III has concluded with such a dark and memorable plot and cinematography. Overall, all three of the Original Trilogy remains excellent, Episode I remains mediocre and Episode II remains good, but Episode III is my most favorable Star Wars (and/or maybe Sci-Fi) film I have ever watched. As I have a right to have my personal opinion, as do you too. May the Force be with you all.
  13. I agree, it is too early to determine who might be the greatest of all time since it seems that Hip-Hop might be reviving some time in the future and escape from the trap it fell into. I know I have said he is, but so far, he is my favorite out of every rapper who has picked up the mic.
  14. I never said you were, hence the "Serving as a sidenote" statement. What do you have to say now that I have exposed you of your illiteracy once again . You like music from Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Kanye West. That alone should show how you do not know what the term "good music" is. Oh, and by the way, I am 16 years old. Get your facts straight before you let your mouth illogically run. Dead Prez and Immortal Technique are both phenomenal artists. They deserve more credibility than they currently receive. And to be honest, I do not let a couple of songs (or a few) ruin my opinion for an artist. And I like "Kim" mainly because of the emotion and instrumental of the song, I am not a supporter of domestic violence and Eminem had every right to produce such a song like this since Kim did cheat on him while he busted his ass to supply a roof for his wife and children and putting food on the table for them; just be glad he did not beat her to death for doing such action. I will explain my reasons why I believe Eminem might be the Greatest of All Time in the rap world in my next entry using a variety of sources that proves my opinion evident. And that statement was blatantly ignorant, not everyone can author clever wordplay and lyricism as Eminem has. I'll just lazily throw this one out:
  15. Oof, really? He only mentions his connection with women in a couple of his songs in each album (most of them to be about Hailie, mainly), but not all of his tracks relate to his views in marriage and women. Gosh, how many times do I have to copy and paste this list of Eminem tracks for people to understand that Eminem is not a rapping stand-up comedian with a dirty sense of humor! Last time I am posting this list! (Maybe once more on the "Why Eminem Is the GOAT" entry to my blog that is coming soon )
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