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Truth Nation: Introduction

Captain Marin



Welcome every and all to a segment of the Umate of Hip-Hop, the Truth Nation. Here, is where I lift up the skirts and expose those rappers that are truly whack and show everyone that the same Whack MC I am harming and diminishing verbally receives more credibility than he/she (Note: "She" is included) actually deserves.

Most people will hate me for this, but I stay true to my beliefs and if you disagree with it, please, I beg you, do not be rude and call me or any of my work "a joke" nor any offensive remarks. Yes, you can criticize, but please be mature about it and attack the idea, not the person. Trust me, I am not hater of any sort, I just embrace my constructive critiques. A hater envies the person's fame and fortune, is too lazy/!@#$% to get their feet wet in the rap game, and attacks the artist in a personal level, all I am doing is attacking the artists' work and I am trying to perfect the art of rap with the "R3DEMPTION" Blog as evidence.

I will also be posting up the reason why Eminem is, was, an ever will be the G.O.A.T.

If you really take my constructive critiques on a personal level, and feel like arguing just for the hell of it, I'll be flattered and shall strip you of your manhood, but only through Personal/Private Messaging :war: .

Live long and prosper.



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