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NPO - The alliance that defines your existence.

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Eretz Yisrael

And today we see another attempt by hostiles to invade the sovereign territory of the New Pacific Order, and what a lame attempt it is too. Federation of Imperial Red Empires? Absurd grammar aside, it seems that the founder just wanted a cool name and mashed together four words that would form the acronym FIRE. Is this the grand humanitarian effort coming to save the Red Sphere? A Red Cross with one member and FIRE, the totally amazing and super cool alliance with that unique name and that special "Fire Lord" as their leader.

I've really got to wonder what's more important to the unaligned nations in the Red Sphere - more lunatics with potentially more trades (cause they won't have their trades set up already, right?), or guaranteed protection from tech raiders that's been effectively going on since we implemented the Revenge Doctrine.

Dang, tough choice.

Eretz Yisrael

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Planet Bob, this is your Pacific Press late night news hour! It's breaking news time here in the news room, as reports are flooding in from every nook and cranny on the front lines that the cowardly, inept Pacifican leaders and military commanders are desperately hiding in war mode. For weeks now, enemies from all over the war have been insisting that our leaders were too busy tucking their tails between their legs and hiding from the war, leaving the grunts to do the dirty work. Well, now it's been confirmed that almost every single leader is in fact, hiding! In war mode, that is.

It is only thanks to the brilliant organization and sheer moral superiority of our enemies that these revelations have been brought to light. We now present you with cold statistical proof that the leadership of the New Pacific Order are the spineless fools that hide in their bunkers, day in, day out!


Not pictured: cowardice.

Eretz Yisrael

Written by Cortath:

Why is Karma Fighting?

Azaghul's post on the World Affairs forum brilliantly highlights the problems of Karma: are they fighting a defensive war, or are they fighting a war of revenge?

This, I suppose is the crux of the matter, and where the divisions in Karma are clear.

If it's the former, I think the actions you are taking should be clear.

But many seem to favor the latter, and speak out for harsh reparations. There are implications here.

Firstly, how far back are we going? Are those alliances presently in Karma, who have sided with the New Pacific Order in the past, or who have benefited from "harsh reparations" going to be joining Pacifica in giving out reparations? Will the Grämlins be giving back tech to the New Polar Order? How about Umbrella? Or TOP? Will Ragnorak give back money and technology to Neuva Vida?

Secondly, it seems to have been forgotten that TORN, more than the New Pacific Order, was in favor of the actions against Ordo Verde. Will TORN be asked for additional reparations at the conclusion of this war? Or rather are they the pattern we are to follow, meaning the NPO will be receiving very light terms?

Thirdly, why so much talk of GATO? You're not in GATO. GATO isn't with Karma. GATO isn't fighting. If GATO wanted to fight, they certainly could. If GATO wanted you to be their spokespeople, they certainly could do that too. I can't help but notice all the parading about of these "Defenders of GATO." Did you defend GATO during the war against them? Did you help GATO rebuild after they were released from their terms?

I would direct you to Chairman Kevlar's recent statements on the matter. He's stated quite plainly: what happened between GATO and the NPO is for us alone.

Fourthy, if this is ushering in a new, moral order, can you tell us about it please? We'd like to know what's going to be against the rules the next time we play. Is Karma going to be the great United Nations of Planet Bob and form some sort of World Court, so everyone can be judged based on their actions?

In conclusion, this is clear to us: a plot was made against us, prior to the state of this conflict, as had been explicitly stated before. Many alliances wanted to roll the New Pacific Order. They're going to use any reason they can, regardless of its legitimacy, regardless of the fact that they agreed with it before, regardless of the fact that they joined us in the very wars they now decry, to accomplish their goal. Karma's actions towards us from the beginning were clear that this was a war they wanted, a war they sought: from the initial peace negotiations, to their willingness to separate TORN, who were so cowardly as to take the white peace, from the second peace negotiations where we given a "minute" to agree to terms we had agreed to but had a question about, to the bandwagoning of dozens of alliances whom we had not wronged in this conflict, and to the cowardice of those alliances who conveniently stepped away.

This is not a defensive war. This is not a war of justice, or of revenge, but a war of conquest.

Eretz Yisrael

Karmaic "Justice"

The loose coalition of alliances dedicated to hating and bringing down the New Pacific Order known collectively as "Karma" is the fourth such incarnation of an organization. In a world where politics and everything accompanying politics is the main course for many people here, it should be obvious by now that we are all aware of political science and history's adages, cliches, terms, and phrases.

You say you want change from our tyrannical ways, you say you want to liberate the Red Sphere from our tyrannical oppression, and you say you want to stop us from unjustly posing our will and greed on alliances we have rightly or wrongly obliterated. You say what goes around comes around, and we are getting our just desserts, right?

The fact is, as presented by Gen. Lee, leader of Ragnarok, that you are nothing more than the same group of NPO hating alliances that have formed in the past three years. Groups that hide behind a moral high ground, posing as liberators and the White Knight in Shining Armour to the Cyberverse. You say you want things to change, to break the vicious cycle we've been perpetrating since the War of Retribution (Spring 2007). Then what do you call this?

Gen_Lee: i got the job of messenger

[9:29pm] Gen_Lee: the Karma front on NPO has some instructions regarding peace moded nations you can take em or leave em:

[9:30pm] Gen_Lee: -NPO has five days to move all their nations out peace mode with zero penalty.

[9:30pm] Moo-Spock: we will never move our banks

[9:30pm] Moo-Spock: never have

[9:30pm] Gen_Lee: -6th Day and on:.For every NPO nation above 5k NS in peace mode, 3 mil and 100 tech in reparations will be added to any peace terms, per day. The duration of all peace terms will also be increased by 2 days for any day any NPO nation above 5k is in peace after the 5th day.

[9:31pm] Gen_Lee: ok

[9:32pm] Gen_Lee: thought i should let you know

[9:32pm] Gen_Lee: talk to ya later

[9:33pm] Moo-Spock: the other nations have rotated out of PM on a regular basis, just like every other alliance

[9:33pm] Moo-Spock: I will post this for our BR to discuss

[9:34pm] Gen_Lee: alright

[9:36pm] Gen_Lee: oh for record sake, clock starts now 5/21 11:38 server time

"When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

I have news for you, Karma. Karma does not represent any sort of "just punishment" you seem to think it is. Karma is merely cause and effect. Karma is not about punishment. In Spirit there is no absolute right or wrong. It is about experience and fulfillment of purpose. The idea that we are punished for sins is a man-made form of social control. A highly advanced soul may choose to incarnate into a crippled body, or as an insect, if that is beneficial to their progress.[1] Anyone knows what cause and effect is. Do one thing, another will happen as a result of it. I can accept that your view is that all the things we have done up to this point has resulted in this. No biggie. But don't even presume to justify your actions as being justice when you are guilty as the same things you accuse us of.

Drop the pretense of doing this out of change, or wanting to liberate the Red Sphere from our maniacal oppression, or justice for all the "sins" we've committed, and just come out and say it - this is vengeance, nothing more, pure and simple.

If we are to go down, we will not go down without a fight. The Order has participated in over twenty major wars in the last three and a half years. Some of us have more experience at managing wars than anyone else in this game. We have been through Hell and back once before, and we will do it again, stronger than we have before. It is in that spirit that the member-states of the New Pacific Order wholeheartedly reject your "instructions to receive terms."

I'll take ZI over obeying these demands, thanks. :war: - Noob5

[19:29:17] <+Trilobyte_Man> My response: They can shove it up their *****.

**** that ****. - Cager

Tell the !@#$%^&* that you'll see them in another 5 weeks, once we've run them to the dust. - Necromancer V4L

To put it nice and blunt. They can shove their instructions up their !@#$@#$ *****. - Ursarkar E. Creed

I'm going to with a "No" as well. - Squintus

A derisive snort, and a certain well known middle finger gesture is my sole response to that. - Waterana

They must be pretty desperate to offer such pathetic terms. Hell no. They can shove those terms where the sun don't shine. - Iceknave

You can tell how much they fear us. They know that whatever happens we will rebuild because of our banks. I think its funny that this the best they can come up with to try to destroy us. o/ Moo! - Navblue

Wtf is this? After reading it over and over... no. - Romanov IV

http://graptor.net/images/fingernuke.jpg - Loucifer

**** them. - President President


An interesting attempt. However, they are either morons, or this is a joke. If its a joke then I'm overestimating their intelligence.... ... - Dr. James Henrey

Please courteously inform them that all NPO nations will gladly leave Peacemode immediately only to SHOVE THOSE BLOODY TERMS UP THEIR GODDAMN *****! - Thomas Richmond

Instructions? Let's send them back a handbook with instructions on how to **** off. - Silent

Ummm, no? - Pfauter

They must be !@#$@#$ mad/desperate/a bit of both to send that...I think I'd rather keep on killing them tbh. o/ - Dagnarus

I was thinking the same, except I was leaning toward," Shove them were the sun don't shine". - Maverick_1

Those instructions are full of FAIL. - Dominius

i just say lol - Lord Tyrion

You know I think we have a general consensus emerging already. :P - Imperial Emperor

Tell em bloopbleep38 said **** that ****. - bloopbleep38

so at the moment there are 234 in peace, 96 below 5k. So 138 are above 5k which means 414million and 6900tech per day. I find it interesting that they then put it on themselves to determine when the conflict is over. I think this is completely pointless unless they set a final date.

Otherwise it is a) We are at war with you indefinately and thus you have a "debt" of infinite or B] We destroy you hopes of rebuild. And Finally, C] They can blow it, shove it, stick it (whatever) up their ***. - Mr.AdmiralX

http://boozedout.com/wp-content/upload/1ch...ddle-finger.jpg, http://randazza.files.wordpress.com/2009/0...ddle-finger.jpg, http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/w/...finger_flip.jpg, http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/baby_middle_finger.jpg - Tony Gunz

So they want our nations in peace mode to get ZIed? Sounds very reasonable... - Choker

I like Lou's comment. Moo...from my POV you can close already this thread & archive it in the Section "the most Hilarious requests ever received" - Magus Rules

Guys, I think Karma may have realized that at the rate our NS is (barely) dropping, it'll take until August for us to lose a sanction. - Letum

No. - Soly

I'm confused. 5,000 NS is pretty low, I'm well over that and I only have 1000 infrastructure left, especially to generate 3 million a day? What makes them think that they will get a single brass razoo from us to begin with? Why would any sane individual expose their banks to enemy attack, or expect anyone else to either? What exactly would we get in return for committing such stupidity? But having said that, based on the current exchange rate of the AUD I believe I should start sending the money right now, I just need their full bank account details, date of birth, mothers maiden name (assuming they actually know who their mother is and she has a maiden name), and a photocopy of their drivers license, credit card and signature (if applicable). What can I say, I like to know who my money is going to. - ViceOverlord

Oh, that dog just ain't gonna hunt. - tombed

I think we owe them for all the mean stuff we've done to them. So I filled this warehouse and many others with all the stuff they're going to get. http://www.mawsoft.com/images/GDC-2007/lar...7%20(Large).jpg - Ellis

This is no surprise. Also, we have surrender terms? - republic of granat

I think by demanding for everyone to come out of peace mode they have inadvertently said that they don't really want a long war because we won't go down easy. This means the longer we drag it on, the more likely they are to fold. - gmop

Instruct them to get some lubricants, because we are going to personally shove those terms up their collective asses. - Lord of the Port

They certainly overestimate their cohesion, and underestimate our resolve. They keep trying to use the coaLUEtion as their history lesson, but it seems that they still haven't learned to open negotiations from a position of strength. Even with so many thousands of nations on side they struggle to find a competent strategist. Guess that's something else to blame the NPO for, since we took all the good ones. - Vladimir

No No No! The only reason they are even starting to offer terms is they realize we are not going to fold (like they would if the situation was reversed). As time goes on, the tides are turning. They are not as strong as they thought they were. - jgolla

... A.N.D T.H.E H.O.R.S.E Y.O.U R.O.D.E I.N O.N.! - Walt Schmidt

Obviously they fear the mighty rebuilding power of our Bank. In short, LOL $%&@ off Karma****. - Speer

I say yes.. ..to replying with the responses already proffered in this thread. - kernzi

i have to agree like they have the balls to commit an eternal war! longer we drag it out worse they look and lighter terms we get if any! - kenny

They cannot commit or plan for Eternal War as this would be the exact opposite of one of their supposed principle's for this war. But anything is possible I guess as hypocrisy is certainly not foreign to Planet Bob. As far as the terms, not only "No" but HELL !@#$@#$ NO!!!! - Lord Valleo

http://photos.commongate.com/11/38202_9kdgdhucff_m.jpg, http://blogsimages.skynet.be/images/000/17...Screw%20You.jpg, These terms are harshest terms in CN History. I vote we tell this guy F Off and try to beat them at their own game. - ZetaDefender

Nah. - Applesauce59

The stupid terms are laughable. It's hypocricy of the greatest "Order" haha. Our banks should remain in peacemode. :) - Sarai

umm..no. Karma is getting scared I guess, but to be honest I wouldn't be scared if I was on Karma's side, simply for the fact that I would have little understanding of how well NPO is organized and what has happen in the past, younger nations of planet BOB that is, older one should know better.. - Raiden706

FTS = $%&@ that !@#$. - Lord to the Gizzle.

Well, if anyone had any doubts as to what Karma's intent has been all along I sincerely hope this latest farce puts them to rest. We'll see you in hell, Karma. - Dinfandel

They have a better chance of ripping the Nutella jar out of DarkMistress' chubby fat-fingered hands. - Bilrow

I'd tell them to stop !@#$% footing around, sit down as a coalition and decide what they really want from this war and give us real peace terms to reject; Not these singular 'instructions' to be tacked onto anything else they may demand in the future to exploit us. - Typo

no way, no one backs npo into the corner like that. - Crimekiller

I personally wanna see how high we can make that counter go up before THEY ask for terms. - Red

Tell them to go and $%&@ themselves, cheeky !@#$%^&*. - Bandit

I actually laughed out loud at this, it is pretty funny. Also $%&@ them - Millionario

I advise that we refuse this offer and press for better terms. - Prime minister johns

FOOMFCLMFAO!!!!!!!!! Ummm... No. - Grimmfang

I read that as, "Our nations are !@#$%*ing and running out of cash, we need money." $%&@ no. - Charles de Lafayette

Thank you Emperor for sharing. Many lulz had. - Branimir

No. - HooahSoldier

I will never surrender to those !@#$%^&*.. I don't care how hurt my nation gets, this "peace terms" are !@#$%^&* and we all know it. I am a Pacifican in heart, and Pacifica is not the surrendering type of alliance. We fight. We prevail! - MariMassa

lol tell them to go $%&@ themselves thanks. - Makoz

Ha, they want cash and tech for us preserving our future? They can have my nukes instead. - Manwell

I'll let this lady say it:

Tell them to stick those lousy terms, we'd rather have eternal war thanks. - Litha

No. Pacifica never surrenders. - Raithix

But Moo, we're just getting warmed up. I'll send cruise missles and aircraft as my response tonight. Engraved on each attack, will be a picture of my penis, in KARMA's cereal. $%&@ THEM! - President Gnarkill

@Branimir: this. - JonVision

http://www.engineeredpartsinc.com/images/nuts_lock_lg.jpg, https://ssl9.chi.us.securedata.net/theheadn...ixed%20nuts.jpg. - Godking I

I think I speak for all of us when I say: Suck my !@#$@#$ $@. - Azrael

I would rather sit at E-zi than have our peace mode nations come out. - Silentkiller

Dear Karma, Get bent. Love and kisses, DarkMistress.

!@#$%*^, the whole lot of them. no. - amnesiac

Honestly, we are gonna be forced to move the upper tier nations out of PM anyways. Why don't we target this alliance with those said nations until he can rethink his demands. - jimbacher

Actually, the reperation penatly is IN ADDITION to the billions they are going to ask for after they nuke the banks, so exposing the banks means that they can still ask for infinity-billion dollars. - Sir Paul

<%Blueline976[NPO]> Well, all I have to say about those pre-terms is...Yeah, $%&@ that !@#$.

Bollocks. - Kristospherein

Ahhhhahahahahahaahahahaha. That's some funny !@#$ right there. Is that how much they want to pay us for staying in peace mode and not beating their nations down? LOL - JeremyB

I can see why they are insiting on this as I believe we offered as similar condition to GATO (except we went whole hog with EZI rather than increased reps). What they don't seem to understand is that the NPO is not GATO and is willing to keep fighting till we get resonable terms even if we have to bring them eternal war, something which I believe the majority of Karma alliances would not be willing to face. So I say $%&@ these terms and in a few weeks we will see something better as more and more of thier members BWHAAAA over thier lost pixels :P - UncleB

I came out of hibernation... er... my study abroad and went to the internet cafe to check up on you guys. This made my day. Hilarious. I think "Hell no" is the right answer. - svartingr

NO. - Tojamn

http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x215/BoredBrawd/Blue1.png, My response. - kevin32891

http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/6100/yourcouch.jpg - Mary the Fantabulous

$%&@ no - Polish Sausage

$%&@ them. - Kriegsdrachen

@ThomasRichmond: This ^ ps. $%&@ THEM. Hail The Emperor! Hail my comrades! NPO Rules!!! - Dragon's claw

Emperor, They deserve to eat a few nukes for these disgraceful opening terms. Tell them to come back when they grow some balls. Sincerly, Big Red. Hail! Looks like babies are back on the menu boys! - The Big Red 1

What's the hurry? - Maharaj

No. $%&@'em. I rather be hammered to deletion. Reroll and do it all over again. - askanitherotund

We may have created a medical emergency here. First, Karma must have had their heads up their asses to attack NPO. In addition, we've shoved their war declaration up their asses, their surrender requests and now these instructions up their asses. Comrades, just how much more can they take up their asses?!? Let's continue the fight up put them out of our their misery. - TinyVillages

@Ellis: Why are we giving them handtrucks and some chairs? This seems unreasonable. - Blueon462

Oh no they didn't! I like to think I know a little something about mind$%&@ing. This was simply an attempt to gauge the resolve of our alliance. Of course in any negotiation you start high then work to find a middle ground. I think that they were looking for us to say no to these terms but perhaps continue to negotiate. By continuing to negotiate, we're telling them we are looking to end this war. I say $%&@ that. In turn, the karma "powers that be" will go back to their "war rooms" and start thinking about an exit strategy that is in their best interest. The simple fact that we have held them this long despite our banks and some of our larger nations in peace mode scares the living !@#$ out of them. They know if this drags on they will lose. Let us not forget that these people want us wiped off the map. For that I say no mercy. - jordanhazy

!@#$@#$ pathetic. If it comes to eternal war, well... they will be getting a nuke a day... forrrreeeeeevvvverrrrrrrr - Straylight

$%&@ them. Hell no. :war: I like the attempted hypocrisy though. - f15pilotX

This game just got interesting. It's go time! "I'll rest when I die" - Daimos

Never. - Lord of Darkness

@Cager: This. - Princecaspian

8 pages of "$%&@ no." Tell them the NPO has spoken as one and they can go back to cry in their bunkers while they watch their pixels burn! - Brennan

I fail to see how sending our nations out of peace mode will bring planet bob into peace mode... Also, 'instructions' ? Tell them to drop the passive-agressive BS and talk about real peace like real men.

This Attrition/ Stalemate thing we have going on is not the time/ place to demand huge reps, eternal ZIs, bans etc, etc. - CrazyEddie

Tell them, "Those are the terms we are offering you!" We got your back Moo o/ - Klonopin

Can Karma even keep up sustained hostilities for another five weeks? No Surrender, $%&@ them in their necks. :war: - Neko_antoniou

lol.. dumb***** - Conrad

@President Gnarkill: ^^^^ this EPIC - Oppe

Unacceptable. Hold the line, comrades! - Anhur

$%&@ 'em. - Lord of Destruction

Till the last drop of infra blood. BTW HELL NO to those terms. Also the fear and desperation could be sense in those terms. - Zeon Gryhawk

$%&@ them and their instructions. - Gandroff

:ph34r: I see we are all of one mind. No. Just no. - TrotskysRevenge

@TrotskysRevenge: So it is said. So it shall be written! - Mudbug

Been gone for a few days and almost missed this thread... Is it to late to add my "$%&@ no" to the bunch(I know Moo has spoken and all) - Frodark

Time to give KARMA our instructions. Something I know they can do....stepping on a landmine.....jumping off a bridge...etc. - Roman

Oh $%&@ no. I'd rather sit at ZI. In the meantime, I sure am having fun doing more damage to them than they're doing to me :awesome: - Jesse End