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Well welcome to the former UKBC news Channel, we have had a load of downtime since the forum changes and now we think it's time to return.

Our Main Headlines on the 3rd July 2010:


The Empire of the UK's Colonel-in-Chief has announced plans to make peace treaties with other nations outside of his Alliance. The move is designed to increase the awareness of the Empire and create close allies. From what this news agency has seen of the plans, the treaties will cover items such as defence and international aid. The plans were realised when it was announced that the Empire had reached 30K Nation Strength and has become fully nuclear. The set up of a channel #EmpireUK will allow other world leaders to discuss plans on treaties or other great things.


The Empire of the UK has now decomissioned all of it's current spies and affiliates. The move is to show that the Empire is trustworthy and rarely uses any spies.


Over the past few weeks the Empire has been decomissioning it's cruise missiles and replacing them with a now full arsenal of 20 Nuclear Weapons, bringing safety to the nation.


It has been announced that Colonel Brick will address the nation very soon, perhaps within the next two months regarding his plans for growth and sustainable development throughout the nation. EmpireUK will bring you more news on this as it happens.

That's it for our latest update, more to come in the very near future...

I am Greg Patterson and this is EmpireUK

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[color="#FF0000"]Hello and Welcome to the EmpireUK Broadcast on 4th July 2010.[/color]

[b]Our Main Stories Tonight:


It has been 365 days since Planet Bob gave birth to The Empire of the UK. Today celebrations and festivals took place around the nation and Colonel Brick addressed the nation on this 1st major day of the country's history. In a press conference to the Federation of Allied Republics Colonel Brick Thanked FAR for their continuing help to the nation.

[Quote=Colonel Brick]
It began slowly. The world gave birth to a new country. The Empire of the UK. What lay ahead for that nation looked not very promising the future began to dissolve for this tiny nation. Who could have guessed that a few months later the country would be rescued by an alliance. An alliance that grew, offered new opportunities and welcomed people into their home. This alliance still goes on today and the Empire owes everything to them.

o/ the Empie of the UK

o/ FAR

We now go to our live feed in the capital, Londonistan, where Colonel Brick will address the world:

"It has taken 365 days for our nation to be where it is today. Over the past few months it has been difficult, we have seen conflict, economic downfall and new leaders. Planet Bob has seen many changes and many hardships. New nations have risen and fallen, new alliances are built, only to fall down again. The world has seen our nation go from being such a tiny dot on a map to a strong and efficient circle on that map. As we look back over the last twelve months we remember our friends, and even our enemies!, and we know that we shall never forget. Tonight Planet Bob, The Empire of the UK thanks you. We thank you for your warriors, your aiders and your traders. Without your nations The Empire of the UK would be nothing. Hail the Empire! Hail FAR! and HAIL WORLD LEADERS OF PLANET BOB!"

[b]And that's our main story tonight, we go offline now to join in with the celebrations. Good Evening Planet Bob, for us it will be.

Greg Patterson, This is EmpireUK[/b]

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[color="#FF0000"]Hello and Welcome to the EmpireUK Broadcast on 5th July 2010.[/color]

[b]Our Main Stories Tonight:

Treaury Raided...[/b]

It was reported last night that a group of heavily armed counterfeit thieves broke into the treasury last night and stole the printing plates. Captain Jacob Rain made a speech to the general public today reassuring them that everything would be ok.
Last Night a raid was carried out on the Treasury. The details of how many printing plates were stolen will not be released. The government has ordered a full military scale operation to track down these thieves. We would like to stress the importance of checking for the HM Government watermark as this can not be printed on the plates. If you see anything suspicious then please do not hesitate to contact your local authority.

So far efforts to locate the plates have been unsuccesful but authorities remain positive.

[b]10 People killed in Birthday Bonanza...[/b]

It is with regret that this news agency is to inform the world of ten civillian deaths after a gas leak exploded an apartment building yesterday following the Empire's 1st Birthday celebrations.

[b]Military deployed to Overseas territories...[/b]

Today 10,000 troops boarded transport planes to begin the Empire's first peacetime deployment operation. The deployment is designed to show force and safety in the outlying territories of the Empire.

[b]I'm Greg Patterson with the latest headlines and this is EmpireUK[/b]

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