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4BR -any colour -long term

Islamic Republic

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Looking For:

Gold: Me
Silver: Me
Lead: Craig Mellor
Gems: cjg1075
Fish: Craig Mellor
Aluminum: cjg1075

Bonus Resources: Fine Jewelry,beer,steal,scholars.

Total bonuses:

Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by: +50

Population: +20.7%
Income per Citizen: +9.50$
Happiness: +12
Environment: +1

Technology Purchase Cost: -5%
Purchased Land Cost: -5%
Increased Purchased Land Area: +15%
Infrastructure Purchase Cost: -21.9%
Infrastructure Upkeep: -17.2%

Soldier Efficiency: +49%
Navy Purchase Cost: -15%
Navy Upkeep Cost: -20%
Cruise/Nuclear Missile Purchase Cost: -20%
Cruise/Nuclear Missile Upkeep Cost: -20%
Aircraft Purchase Cost: -8%
Aircraft Upkeep Cost: -25%
Tank Purchase Cost: -8%
Tank Upkeep Cost: -12.6%
Soldier Purchase Cost: -3.00$
Soldier Upkeep Cost: -1.00$

Reduces Environmental penalties of Nukes: -50%

This is a strong set of bonuses gives you the best of all worlds. High pop boost due to environment/bonuses. Good reductions to infrastructure cost/upkeep. High boost to economy threw happiness/increased income.Good Military boost due to upkeep/cost reductions as well as a big boost to soldier efficiency. A few minor boost such as cheaper land, more land for less, and being able to support higher populations/infrastructure with less land and a small reduction in technology cost. Technology is expensive.

(also lets you have nukes without effecting your natural economy/population/environment as much)

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