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Sino-Andrean Meeting


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In Endor Cuidad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mickey Bethesda typed up a communiqué at his desk. Upon finishing it, he requested an aide to pass it on to the Chinese Embassy in the J Andres capital [to clear up any confusion, Bethesda explained that it was the [i]United States of China[/i], not the [i]People‘s Republic of China[/i]]. The message, which were to be passed on to the United Chinese government, went as follows:


I, on behalf of the honorable President Richard Mercton and the Maritime Republic of J Andres as a whole, would like to express my interests in furthering relations with the United States of China. With that said, I would like to invite you to the City of Bethesda (formerly Hartford) for a meeting. It will take place in the University of Hartford. I look forward to meeting with you all.

Yours truly,
Mickey Bethesda,
Minister of Foreign Affairs

It was not a surprise that Mickey Bethesda would suggest a city named after him as a meeting place. As the aide received the telegram and walked out of the office, Bethesda leaned back on his leather chair and smiled.


Government officials of the City of Bethesda were notified, through secure channels, by the federal government to undertake necessary preparations for a state visit by officials of the United States of China as well as a meeting there. In turn, provincial officials notified the administrators of the University of Hartford to do the same.

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The Prime Minister of the United States of China would be dispatched to J Andres. A forward message.

[b]On Behalf of the United States of China we graciously accept your invitation. We share your enthusiasm and optimism for this meeting.[/b]

Prime Minister Wei's plane would touch down about a week after the communique. The Prime Minister made his way to the meeting room in Bethesda, and made his way to the University of Hartford meeting room.

"On behalf of the United States of China thank you for inviting us."

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The City of Bethesda was a beautiful city in its own right. Its streets were clean and orderly, with people on the streets, going about their daily lives. Police officers and Kommissazul troopers could be occasionally seen on some city blocks. The Chinese Prime Minister would see that as he was being driven through the city’s streets on a J Andres limousine to the University of Hartford. The Anchor flag waved about in the sky, almost as if waving in greetings to the Chinese leader when he was led out of the limo and escorted into the university.

The University of Hartford (which managed to retain its current name against those who wanted to change it to the University of Bethesda) had, indeed, undertaken extensive preparations for this special event and it would show. The University’s lawn was neatly cut, its campus grounds were clean and devoid of trash, and it looked “groomed” as a whole.

Once the Prime Minister entered the meeting room, namely the Conference Room, several figures were already waiting there. President Richard Mercton and Foreign Affairs Minister Mickey Bethesda smiled as they stood up and bowed in respect to the Chinese Prime Minister.

“[i]It was the least we could do.[/i]” Mercton smiled as he surveyed Prime Minister Wei. “[i]Welcome to J Andres, and the City of Bethesda. It is an honor meeting with you.[/i]” He greeted, followed by Bethesda who seemed to revel in the fact that a monumental meeting was taking place in a city named after him. Sitting down, Mercton cleared his throat.

“[i]Very well. We have chosen to meet here to further relations between J Andres and the United States of China. I believe that such furthering of relations will greatly benefit both nations. To begin off, what would you think of an alliance between our nation, besides from trade and economic assistance?[/i]”

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"This would be agreeable. I assume that this is on top of the military and technology cooperation. It seems that you have many legacy weapon systems based on the United Francoist Empire designs. We have recovered some of their original war factories and repositories. We believe these could be beneficial."

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"[i]Ah, yes. Military cooperation. This reminds me.[/i]"

Mercton gestured for one of the aide to bring him a briefcase. The aide complied, bringing over a medium leather briefcase and placing it in front of the President. Mercton opened the briefcase (OOC: and got out a Desert Eagle. "[i]J ANDRES IS MY HOME![/i]" He screamed as he aimed the gun to the Prime Minister's head and opened fire wildly. Maniacal laughter could be heard midst the gunfire from the meeting room.) and got out several documents. He turned them over to the Chinese Prime Minister.

"[i]As you can see, these are blueprints for the designs for the aircrafts currently in J Andres's air force, namely the F/A 47 Sino Fighter and the F-40 Thunder aircrafts. To my understanding, these were similiar to the old United Francoist Empire designs. The former New Englander government received the designs from the Tahoe Republic. But then, that's one side of the picture. According to current investigation, it may be possible that New England may have copied the designs from Tahoe's UFE-based aircrafts (they had an agreement, where Tahoe sold a few aircrafts to New England) and passed it off as their own.[/i]"

Mercton cleared his throat before continuing on. "[i]As for factories, I would be willing to let the United States of China to construct factories on Andrean land for weapon production. Or if you prefer, J Andres would help to set up factories in the USC for that same purpose? Either way, we would work together and benefit from such initiative. What do you think?[/i]"

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OOC: I'm correct in assuming the gunfire didn't happen?

"Yes the Tahoe Republic was a close ally of the UFE. They would have had the blueprints for the F-50 and F-47 units. We would be most gracious for the opportunity and can assure you that we will provide the upmost craftsmanship in ensuring that you have access to the best quality parts possible. Perhaps your scientists could also get involved and see if the designs cannot be improved further." Wei suggested.

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OOC: Ya, you're correct. Hence the OOC. :P


Mercton clapped his hands and rubbed them together. "[i]Wonderful![/i]" He grinned. "[i]And yes, our scientists will be brought in for such purpose. So...everything all good, then? Any more that needs to be discussed? If not, then shall we draw up a treaty?[/i]" He inquired, glancing at an official seated nearby with a briefcase in front of him.

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[quote name='Bull Run' date='15 May 2010 - 07:02 PM' timestamp='1273946541' post='2298893']
Name Change request: I would appreciate it is the mapmaker please note my nation's name change from the [i]Greater Kamchatka Union[/i] to The [b][i]Kamchatka Soviet Socialist Republic (or KSSR)[/i][/b].

"Yes let us do so. Do you have one on hand?"

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OOC: Wrong quote? :P


Mercton smiled and gestured for the official with the briefcase. The official nodded and got up. Walking over to the President, the official opened the briefcase and got out a document. He placed it in front of Mercton who scanned it. Mercton then got out a pen and scribbled his signature on it and passed it on to Mickey Bethesda, who signed it in turn. The Foreign Minister then passed the draft along to Prime Minister Wei.

The draft went as:

[quote][center][b][size="5"]Sino-Andrean Friendship Treaty[/size][/b][/center]

[b]Article I:[/b]
The Maritime Republic of J Andres and the United States of China are friends on the world stage, and it shall be that way.

[b]Article II:[/b]
Each signatory shall respect the sovereignty of the each other, and thus shall not commit any action that limits or otherwise hinders the each other’s sovereignty.

[b]Article III:[/b]
Each signatory shall maintain open borders with each other. As such, no restrictions nor controls shall be imposed in each other’s borders. Citizens of both signatory nations are free to travel to the other with little intervention. Ports/harbors in both signatory nations shall be open to civilian vessels of the each other during peace time and during war; military vessels are only allowed in ports during times of war. Each signatory agrees to provide economic assistance to the each other should it be needed.

[b]Article IV:[/b]
Both signatory nations shall lower tariff rates in regards to the each other, as to increase trade between the two nations. There shall be free trade between the two signatory nations.

[b]Article V:[/b]
When a signatory nation is attacked by a third party, the other signatory nation is required to provide military, economic, or logistical support to that signatory nation.

[b]Article VI:[/b]
If a signatory nation engages in an aggressive war against another nation, the other signatory nation is encouraged, though not required, to aid the attacking nation in every way possible.

[b]Article VII:[/b]
Each signatory of this document and treaty agree to share any intelligence amongst one another if said information pertains a possible threat to the sovereignty of any signatory.

[b]Article VIII:[/b]
Should any signatory deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, a 96-hour notice shall be given.[/quote]

Signed for the [b]Maritime Republic of J Andres[/b],
Richard Mercton,
President of J Andres

Mickey Bethesda,
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the [b]United States of China[/b],
Prime Minister Wei

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