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Kingdom of Sicily

Acca Dacca

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[size="6"]Kingdom of Sicily[/size]


[size="4"]Queen Joan II of Naples[/size]


[b]Capetian House of Anjou[/b][/center]

Full Name: The Kingdom of Sicily
Short Name: Sicily
Adjective: Sicilian
Seat of Power: Naples
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Official Religion: Catholicism
Head of State: Queen Joan II of Naples

Recent History:

King Charles I of Sicily (Charles of Anjou) defeated Peter III of Aragon in Sicily around 1152, however, lost his holdins of Albania to rebels. Charles and his Angevin successors maintained the control for over 200 years, ending with the childless Queen Joan I of Naples. As she was childless, she adopted Louis I, Duke of Anjou as her heir, in spite of the claims of her cousin, the Prince of Durazzo, effectively setting up a junior Angevin line in competition with the senior line. This led to Joan I's murder at the hands of the Prince of Durazzo in 1382, and his seizing the throne as Charles III of Naples.

The Angevin line was founded by Charles the First. The line is also known as House of Anjou-Sicily and House of Anjou-Naples, was a royal house and cadet branch of the direct House of Capet. The two competing Angevin lines contested each other for the possession of the Kingdom of Naples over the following decades, but only one line succeeded in holding the house, till it came down to two daughters, one of them becoming the Queen. Joan II of Naples, sister of Ladislas of Naples, daughter of Charles III of Naples, was the last of her house, and the Queen of the present Kingdom of Sicily.

Joan was born at Zadar, Dalmatia, the daughter of Charles III of Naples and Margherita of Durazzo. In 1414, she succeeded her brother Ladislaus to the throne of Naples; at that date she was 41 years old and was already the widow of her cousin Hedwig's rejected fiancé, William, Duke of Austria. Her reign was marked by the power in the court of her numerous favourites and lovers, the first being Pandolfello Alopo.


Poor quality weapons and armor
Outdated Tactics (1300-1350)
Wooden forts
Catapults and ballistae for artillery
Max 5% of men armed with gunpowder

Population = 212,315
Soldiers = 67,884
Garrisons = 33942
Cavalry = 6789
Artillery = 300

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Dukes- The Kingdom of Sicily is the merger of several Kingdoms that were conquered by outside Italians. For this reason, regional leaders of the Kingdom of Sicily were considered Dukes that provide control the area’s provinces.
Marquesses- Advisors to the Dukes as well as holding several different positions with different jobs. They control Odd jobs ontop of being able to be in the Council of Nobles.
Count – Regional Governors of the Provinces. The last rank to be considered Nobility.
Viscount – Law enforcement leaders of the Provinces. Co-leaders of the provinces.
Baron – Military Leaders of the Armies
Knights Bachelor – Appointed members of the community that hold the position of leader of the militia
Patricians – Notable officers of the military and community. Given title for honorable purposes.
Nobleman – A commoner or foreigner who has proved himself worthy of the title. Sometimes given at the funeral.



[*]Duke: Louis III of Anjou (leader of Southern Italy)
[*]Duke: Fredrick I of Sicily (leader of Sicily)
[*]Duke: Fulk V (leader of the Sicilian Army)
[*]Marquess: Regalis of Capua
[*]Marquess: Dominic of Calabria (Leader of the council of Nobles: All Counts and Marquess)
[*]Marchioness: Marina
[*]Count: Fulk VI of Anjou (leader of the Province of Palermo)
[*]Count: James II of La Marche (leader of the Province of Messina)
[*]Count: Anthony VII (Newly appointed leader of the Province of Molise)
[*]Countess: Jeanne de Laval (A religious figure that is the leader of the Province of Apuglia)
[*]Countess: Marguerite of Anjou / Married Charles of Valois (leader of the Province of Campagnia)
[*]Count: Luigi I (Former military general that is now the leader of the Province of Calabria)
[*]Viscountess: Belle (the next leader of the Province of Palermo)
[*]Baroness: Agostina
[*]Baron: Mario of Antioch
[*]Knight Bachelor:
[*]Knight Bachelor:
[*]Knight Bachelor:

[b]Places of interest:[/b]

Palazzo dei Normanni: The residency of the Queen when she stays in Sicily

Palace of Capodimonte: is a grand Bourbon palazzo in Naples, Italy, where the Queen resides when she stays in Naples.

Fortified town of Butera, Sicily: the town in which militia protecting the southern coast of Sicily.

Fort Milazzo, Sicily: Protects the strait with militia and other defences.

Port Marsala, Sicily: trading with many nations West and South of Italy

Palermo, Sicily: Home of the First Army of the Kingdom of Sicily

Voltumo, Italy: Home of the Second Army of the Kingdom of Sicily. Just North East of Naples

Naples, Italy: Home of the Third Army of the Kingdom of Sicily. Capital of the kingdom. Trades with many Italian nations.



[u]First Army[/u]
7,500 Soldiers
1,500 Calvary
150 Artillery

[u]Second Army[/u]
7,250 Soldiers
1,250 Calvary
140 Artillery

[u]Third Army[/u]
7,000 Soldiers
1,110 Calvary
125 Artillery

[u]Fourth Army[/u]
6,945 Soldiers
1,000 Calvary
110 Artillery


[u]Sicilian Guard[/u]
10,750 Soldiers

[u]Naples Guard[/u]
11,250 Soldiers

[u]Italian Guard[/u]
11,000 Soldiers

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