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Buying Tech at 3/100 or 50/3 rates

King Waleed

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hi everyone

i'm seeking reliable tech sellers who do NOT make any delays in delivery for [b]LONG-TERM REPEATED DEALS[/b] .. you can chose one of two choices :

[u][b]first choice: 3/100[/b][/u]
* step 1: you'll receive $3 million today
* step 2: 10 days later you'll send 50 tech to me
* step 3: another 10 days after step 2 , you'll send another 50 tech to me.
* step 4: repeat steps 1,2&3

[u][b]second choice: 50/3[/b] [/u]
* step 1: you'll send 50 tech today to me
* step 2: 10 days later i'll send to you $3 million.
* step 3: repeat steps 1&2

2 slots are open , [b]reply here and send to me a PM on CN with your choice to begin the deal.[/b]

[b]NO DELAYS or i'll seek replacement ASAP and punish you(lol).[/b] <_<

i guarantee there will be no delays on my part whatsoever in case you pick the second choice :rolleyes:

if you need any help or information on how to maximize your profits from tech deals then you can ask me and i'll tell you how as i've been an experienced tech seller before. :D


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[quote name='Reservoir Dog' date='14 April 2010 - 02:45 AM' timestamp='1271202294' post='2259301']
50 tech already sent. i'm willing to do this deal w/others so tell ur friends!

thanks for being part of this :D

you can try seeking tech buyers on CIA's forum if you want. http://cncia.ipbfree.com/index.php?

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