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European Union of Democratic Nations


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European Union of Democratic Nations (EUDN)

Team: Orange

On behalf of myself, President Koala...

I welcome you to EUDN.I hope you will take a minute to read the following,and then I hope you will visit our offsite forum.

The EUD is a brand new alliance,established Novemeber 15th,2007. Currently, we have 1 member, yours trutly.EUDN believes in promoting,enforcing,establishing a peaceful ideology,as well establishing and enforcing the laws setup by the government of the EUDN, in regards to the alliance itself,as well as nations outside the union. EUDN is a democratic alliance where all nations have an equal say in matters, this includes the minute they join. We are willing to accept nations of all sizes and ages, and are always willing to do whatever we can to assist new,as well as long standing nations.If you are interested in EUDN,the link is below.

The Offsite Forum has our Charter, and the EUDN Constitution available for your review.

Now that you have read what we are about,and checked out the forum,I hope you will think about joining the EUDN alliance.We believe that once you join us,you will want to help make EUDN the best alliance in the CyberVerse.


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You're welcome. As a leader of a European Nation (one who's capital IRL is the capital of the EU) it is a thing I should do.

In your recruitment thread...I posted to you a embassy request!

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