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News of Vierte Reich


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[b]News agency of Vierte Reich works in this topic[/b]

[i][u]3/28/2010 [/u][/i] This day is a great day from atheistic people! Vierte Reich, atheistic paradise is estabilished in the central Europe. This area was chosen, because there is in the ground a lot of oil and uranium. Nation is founded by Timm Färber, national hero of Vierte Reich, and his people gives to him absolutely power to controll this small but beautiful land. Färber tells to the media, that the most important values to the Reich will be atheism and nationalism. He also told, that Vierte Reich will not accept any riots and rebels, and if he will notice that kind of actions, the punishment will be terrible.

The governement of Vierte Reich is:

Reichkansler: Timm Färber
Vice Chancellor: Niklas Zimmermann
Minister of foreign affairs: Jan Köhler
Minister of religions: Paul Adler
Minister of security and chief of secret police: Jonas Metzger
Chief of army: Leon Kappel
Chief of governements security forces: Luis Kauffmann

[i][u]3/29/2010 [/u][/i] Now Vierte Reich is member of the R&R alliance! Färber speech to the folk, and promises that the great times are koming to the Reich. 3/28 and 3/29 will be most important national holidays of Vierte reich.

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