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strength thru united defense


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Strength Thru United Defense (STUD) was formed out of necessity by a group of individual nations trying to enjoy CN while minding their own business. In the days of old, rouge attacks were a rarity; however, in these modern times, tech raiding has become a way of life for many. In an effort to stop the madness a few nations came together to form an alliance of peaceful nations. The old adage “Strength in Numbers†was our driving force. We have joined together to assure mutual defense in case of attack. It is our individual desires to enjoy the game while building strong nations. We are not warmongers; however, we will not be trampled upon. It’s “All for One and One for All†in the event one of our members comes under attack.


We, the nations of Strength Thru United Defense (STUD) join together to form an alliance. As a band of independent peaceful nations, we stand together in times of war, one for all and all for one. Our council makes decisions for the greater good of STUD and we follow their directives. We establish justice and form an alliance of nations so that we may enjoy CN, grow in national strength, and protect our fellow nations as we develop Strength Thru United Defense.


The following items are required for admission into STUD:

I. All applicant nations must drop prior alliance affiliations before seeking admission to STUD.

II. All applicant nations must register on the official forum of STUD.

III. All applicant nations must set their alliance affiliation to “Strength Thru United Defenseâ€.

IV. While not mandatory, team color preference is WHITE (this will help with alliance trading).


I. Every nation in STUD has the right of free speech. All nations can speak freely about what they think is right and wrong. The only people that can stop this are the Council of STUD. The Council has the right to edit any posts or tell people not to post in certain sections. Profanity and abusive language will NOT be tolerated.

II. Any nation may leave the alliance at any time. To leave, a nation must post their reason for leaving in the appropriate section of the forums and remove STUD from their alliance affliction.

III. If a nation that has left, wants to rejoin STUD, it will require a favorable ¾’s majority vote of the Council.


We do not make wars, we finish them. STUD will try and maintain a neutral status in major world conflicts. if a STUD member should come under attack it will be considerd an attack on the alliance. STUD members will not start any wars with out premission from the council.


As stated in the Preamble, we are an alliance of independent peaceful nations. As independent nations we all have something in common- Our goal in CN is simply to play the game minding our own business while trying to develop our individual nations to their greatest potential. As an alliance we maintain a neutral position. However, should one member of STUD come under attack, it will be considered to be an attack upon the entire alliance.


Stud is a cooperative fellowship alliance under the direction of a benevolent leader, Tyrone The Tyrant (TTT). Tyrone The Tyrant is the founding leader of STUD, while TTT is the leader, he is very benevolent and follows the advice of The Council. The Council is made up of selected member nations who offer directive advice to the leader. However, as a member nation of STUD, your voice does not go un-noticed, your opinion matters!


The following shall be considered reason(s) for immediate dismissal from STUD:

I. Tech raiding.

II. Attacking a fellow STUD member.

III. Attacking a member of a STUD ally.

IV. Any member starting an unprovoked war against any other nation.

V. Retaliating against an attack from any alliance member nation without first seeking advice and council from the STUD Council. (If attacked by a rogue nation, feel free to kick their butt.)

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