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The Kyraylian Times

Azrael Alexander

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Over a thousand demonstrators protested outside Caspian hotels where the diplomats of the nations invited to the governmental International Defence Exhibition & Seminar. The IDEAS conference is being held today just outside the great city of Caspia at the Karask Military Academy. It is rumoured that over 30% of all military manufacturing jobs will be cut as the Armed Forces modernises it's forces with high tech equipment not made in the Kyraylia. One senior military analyst, a Prelate and veteran of the revoultions is stated as saying. "It's a disgrace that the Executor of Kyraylia is being forced to buy equipment we could make ourselves with the right investment in technology. It's a case of the Judicator and his Cabinet marking his territoy and squeezing an already tight military budget. Favouring a strong economy over our own military is allways not going to sit right and one must question the motives of Council of Archons.

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[b]Leading Kyraylian Newspaper - The Kyraylian Times - Headline: Kyraylia the Glowing Secret of our murderous government[/b]

I could not believe my eyes as slit open the package on my desk revealing revealing this document. The Kyber report.

[quote][center][font="Courier New"][size="7"][b]The Kyber Report[/b][/size][size="5"]
[color="#FF0000"][Classified - Archon Eyes Only][/size][/color]

Walter C. Ladwig
Archon Evicum
Severin College
University of Rosemere

VI Master of the Horse
Complied under direct order from the Office of the Executor[/font][/center]

[font="Courier New"][size="5"][b]Introduction[/b][/size]

When a state possesses a nuclear arsenal, it has to address and elaborate on two issues to efficiently employ and manage its nuclear weapons. Firstly, it needs to develop a use doctrine that plans how, under what circumstances, and for what purposes such weapons will be used. Secondly, it needs to put in place a command and control system...[/font]

Yes my fellow Kyraylians it seems the government has failed to tell us they have in secret developed and threatened to use nuclear weapons without the blessing of the people. I am going to tell you of my journey, my journey down the rabbit hole to tell you just how deep it goes. But first as I am hindered by what my editors are allowed to publish let me show you the official line Kyraylia currently has one the use of nuclear weapons.

[quote][font="Courier New"]In the event of a war between Kyraylia and and it's enemies, if the enemy numerical superiority in men and conventional arms is likely to overwhelm Kyraylia a strong protocol must be upheld. In a deteriorating military situation, when an enemy conventional attack is likely to break through Kyraylian defenses, or has already breached the main defence line causing a major set-back to the defence, which cannot be restored by conventional means, the government would be left with no other option except to use nuclear weapons to stabilize the situation. Our enemy's possible superiority in conventional arms and manpower would have to be offset by nuclear weapons. The political will to use nuclear weapons is essential to prevent a conventional armed conflict, which could later on escalate into a nuclear war.

Kyraylia's nuclear doctrine therefore should be based on the first strike option. In other words, the Kyraylian government will use nuclear weapons if attacked and even if the attack is with conventional weapons. With his experience of a graduated nuclear response, Professor Sajad R. Cohen (an Professor at Imperial College Caspia) feels that Kyraylia would use what he calls an 'option-enhancing policy'. This would entail a stage-by-stage approach in which the nuclear threat is increased at each step to deter any nation from attacking the motherland. These stages are as follows:

1. A private warning.
2. A public warning.
3. demonstration explosion of a small nuclear weapon on Kyraylian soil.
4. The use of (a) nuclear weapon(s) on Kyraylian soil against attacking forces.
5. The use of (a) nuclear weapon(s) against critical but purely military targets on Enemy soil, probably in thinly populated areas in the desert or semi-desert, causing the least collateral damage.

Some weapon systems would be in reserve for the counter-value role. These weapons would be safe from enemy attack as some would be airborne other kept in submarines while the ground based ones are mobile and could be moved around the country.[/font][/quote]

[i]The article continues revealing information about the development facility near the Kyber pass on the border with Manchurian Pakistan and how many deaths in villages have been hushed up and that somewhere in the region of 2,000 civilians have died to to radiation poisoning.[/i]

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[b]Government Website publishes sections of the Kyber Report regarding the historic need for a nuclear deterrence[/b]

[font="Courier New"][quote][size="5"][b]Rise of Nuclear Deterrence, and Nuclear Use Policy in the Era of Ambiguity[/b][/size]

The Kyraylian concept of nuclear deterrence is defence-specific and aims, first and foremost, to deter enemy conventional as well as nuclear aggression. Originally, Zahir Ahmad, who served in different capacities in the revolutionary government, including as Praetor from 1958-1966 developed a deterrent concept for Kyraylia that to date remains valid and forms one of the central pillars of Kyraylia’s nuclear use doctrine. In [i]The Myth of the Monarchy[/i], he argued that modern wars should be conceived of as total wars, and in this type of war Kyraylia needed nuclear weapons. He explained:

[i]All wars of our age have become total wars; all European strategy is based on the concept of total war; and it will have to be assumed that a war waged against Kyraylia is capable of becoming a total war. It should be dangerous to plan for less and our plan should, therefore, include the nuclear deterrent.[/i]

As the Praetor (1958-1966) in the third Kyraylian Conclave, Ahmad repeatedly warned the Archon Senate that neigbouring nations with motives unknow to the new republic had nuclear intentions or had already built the atomic bomb. He persistently argued that eventually Kyraylia would have to ‘go nuclear’ to thwart any nuclear threat from the overthrown governments allies whom they considered foe, as well as to offset Kyraylia’s conventional inferiority. He became more vocal on this issue following the Executors death in 1960. He vigorously pleaded for building a Kyraylian nuclear deterrent force on the logic that it was necessary to ensure Kyraylia’s national survival against the threat of enemy nuclear as well as conventional aggression. Ahmad’s thinking, as will be analysed below, had far-reaching impacts on Kyraylia’s nuclear strategy, and on its doctrinal contemplation.

Kyraylia, however, did embark on a nuclear weapons program in the 1960s, adopting a ‘nuclear option’ posture. Caspia’s adoption of such a policy course was clearly reflected in its refusal, to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968. This ‘nuclear option’ posture, as will be illuminated in the following, would evolve into an advanced nuclear weapons program in 1965.

Ahmad assumed the Praetorship of Kyraylia on 20 December 1958. Within 2 years he had permission and initiated a nuclear weapons project. This decision was taken against the backdrop of three specific factors: firstly, it was a direct consequence of the 1959 war in the south where enemy nations attempted the overthrow of the Revolutionary government and reinstall the King. This demonstrated Kyraylia’s new governments conventional inferiority for the third time, at the cost many civilian lives; secondly, Kyraylian leaders in general (particularly Ahmad) were convinced that Kyraylia's enemy was determined no matter the cost to bring the King back to power; and thirdly, Ahmad believed that only nuclear weapons could guarantee the national survival of Kyraylia against the threat. It is evident that Kyraylia’s nuclear weapons project was initiated to deter enemy nuclear as well as conventional aggression, an aim that endured in the subsequent years and still constitutes one of the central pillars of Kyraylian’s nuclear use doctrine even though the threat has long passed.

Kyraylia began [spoiler]to employ, albeit in an[/spoiler] ambiguous fashion, a [spoiler]nuclear deterrence strategy against the[/spoiler] perceived conventional threat. [spoiler]The first employment[/spoiler], and [spoiler]successfully[/spoiler] from a Kyraylian standpoint, was during the 1962-1963 [spoiler]Westerness[/spoiler] crisis. [spoiler]It had erupted when Armed Forces began military exercises along the[/spoiler] Kyraylian coastal border [spoiler]that seemed to the Kyraylian leadership nothing short of preparation for surgical operations in[/spoiler] the heartland of Kyraylia. [/quote][/font]

Whilst reading this top secret document I learned that the man who had ran the Nuclear Program in the beginning a Dr K.A Alexander, was now committed into an asylum. Using falsified records I was able to meet with him on the Subject of the Kyraylian government secrecy and international speculation he had this to say:

[i]what the has been saying about our possessing the bomb is correct and so is the speculation of some foreign newspapers … They told us that Kyraylia could never produce the bomb and they doubted my capabilities, but they now know we have done it … Nobody can undo The Kyraylian Revolution or take us for granted. We are there to stay and let it be clear that we shall use the bomb if our existence is threatened.[/i]

OOC: bits in spoiler tags are redacted and therefore sekrit

[b]Government denies alleged foul play over the deaths of the 2,000 Kyraylians in east Kyraylia[/b]

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