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Formation of the Republic


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President Archer had recently announced a well known activist by the name of Keith Apostle as his Head of Government. Keith and Eli had become good friends in the past weeks, discovering they shared the same political viewpoints. Keith had also written plans that coincided with Eli's plans, so they were deliberating on how to put them in play. Eli and Keith were sitting in the Lidarsvik (presidential office/home), in the main office with papers and drafts on the table. Eli had a laptop beside him answering countless e-mails of internet businesses wanting to relocate to Vestfjara. Keith was talking to the commander of the Revolutionary Army as it was being called, trying to work out the defense part of the nation.

"First, we need a seat of government. We need people to fill the seats of the Deicoshol to deliberate on issues, you know, democratically," Eli said.

"Yes, democracy is key to the morale of the people, but we don't have any provincial systems or anything to divide people, the former government had nothing of the sort, just a bunch of arbitrary districts that meant nothing. We're going to need something stronger," Keith replied, looking at a map of Vestfjara.

"Well for that, we can do it two ways: divide it by arbitrary lines or by geographic landmarks such as rivers and mountains."

"Let's go with the second one. Straight lines on maps hurt my eyes."

"Alright, so we need a Cartographer, do you know anyone?" Eli asked, not looking up from his laptop.

"Yeah, there's the guy that designed our flag, an Italian. I think his name was Vincente Sicetti, or something like that."

"Ah, well, are you still in contact with him?"

"I can give him a ring, see if he wants to do this." Keith picked up his blackberry.



"Well, what do you think?" Vincente asked the two of them in a sing-songy lisp.

"I think it looks great, Vince, great work," Keith replied.

"I made sure to take population into account, and on this slide," he pulled down a plastic overlay, "it shows the cities and their locations."

"You know Keith," Eli said, "we may need a secretary of state, and he seems to know his stuff when it comes to that matter."

"Well, there's nobody else I know that could be trained well enough," Keith nodded and looked at Vincente. "How does that sound, Secretary of State Sicetti?"

"Oh I love alliterations, and I can just see the business cards already. Would I be helping you two out?"

"If you want, it would help you get to know the government we're creating," Eli said.

"Wonderful! Well, let's get started then."


For the next month, Archer, Apostle, and Sicetti set up a government office to register national parties. Authoritarian, Fascist, or Communist parties were outright banned. None of the three believed in any of those governments working in Vestfjara, although they could see how they might work other places. Every major city had a

Vestfjaran Deicoshol Elections

- Cyber-Anarchist Party

This party's foremost platform is no laws governing what is on the internet. Economically, this party is heavily capitalist and heavily libertarian. Otherwise, they model after the Socialist party.

- Environmentalist Party

This party also models the Socialist party, but with extra care for the environment. They believe that government money should not be spent subsidizing dirty industry, but subsidizing green industry.

- Nationalist Party

Just your typical Commie hating Nationalist party.

- Socialist Party

Again, no surprises here.

- Humanist Party

This party wants to abolish all forms of government-subsidized religion and force churches to fend for themselves with heavy taxes. Other than that, this party models after the Nationalist Party.

- Technocratic Party

This party is in favor of a meritocratic Technocracy based on skill and merit, not votes. Economically and Socially moderate, this party is also for a small but elite military.

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Out of the 53 seats in the Senate, the first Senate of the Revolutionary Vestfjaran Republic results are in.

With a total of 20 seats, the Cyber-Anarchists have took the majority.

With a total of 5 seats, the Nationalist Party is the smallest party, beating the Environmentalists out of Senate seats.

With a total of 8 seats, the Socialist Party gains a small advantage over rival Nationalists.

With a total of 11 seats, the Humanist Party is close to having more seats than the Cyber-Anarchists

With a total of 9 seats, the Technocratic Party hopes to form a more meritocratic union.

Commentary by a political scientist within the News.

The way it is looking, the Cyber-Anarchists have control of the majority. There is no way for any party coalition to beat them out, since neither the Humanists nor the Technocrats like each other, the Nationalists do not like the Socialists, and the Humanist party chairman remains a good friend of the Cyber-Anarchist party chairman. It seems as if the radical government has taken control. Some argue that this was not a fair election, since the leading parties of the old government were not allowed into senate elections. Time will tell exactly what this government will do.

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For the first senate decision, three songs were put before the senate to vote on the national anthem. There were songs that neither the President nor the Prime Minister could decide on, and after they narrowed it down to three, the list came as thus:

Vestfjara Lasevr (Vestfjara Forever)

Ribal Strit (Revolutionary Road)

Orban Carriler (Glorious Plains)

The parties were split in terms of voting, but eventually came to the conclusion of Vestfjara Lasevr. Here are the lyrics in English and Vestfjaran

Vestfjara lasevr (Vestfjara Forever)

Bedur dir oral lies (Under the golden sun)

Yi coret tir sede (My heart cries out)

Ne dir ribal speies (for the revolutionary spirit)

Ne lifriet, ne frahriet (For liberty, for brotherhood)

Un dir lasevri niec: (And the eternal creed:)

Yi rut si scot (My blood is blue)

Un vit dir grut (And with the land)

Shelda fem a dir clieps (protecting her until the end)

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