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Freedom for Shnitzel!

Alpine Dictator

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After what seems like a lifetime of Aristocracy, Shnitzel has finally been freed! The Chancellor, Alpine Dictator, is now leading in the name of the workers. This new system should allow freedom to flourish. Alpine Dictator has declared that a free nation without an Aristocratic majority will be great for our actual views to be shown in the laws that are made. Now that the Kaiser has been toppled, Alpine Dictator has made it clear he believes rights for the workers are the ways to greatness. The old flag, now considered a symbol of opression, has been replaced by the new one. Thousands of free citizens celebrating democracy burned the old flag at cerimonies in honor of raising the new one.

"This is a great day for Shnitzel! Finally the Aristocrats are gone and we can embrace real freedom!" an excerpt from one of the Chancellor's speeches to the masses. It is quite obvious that he is not an "alpine dictator" but an alpine patriot! Perhaps our great nation can sustain this government for much longer than expected. - Bratwurst City, Shnitzel 10/19/09

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