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Operation: Night Ears

King Kevz

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"My name is Cassandra Alexi Boronov. I am a single woman aged twenty seven years old and nothing special in anyone's eyes. I am also a highly trained killer and soldier with unending loyalty to my leader and country. I have been a soldier for many years now and have through time and effort become one of if not the most highly performing special operatives in the Helzan military"

"It is for that reason that I have been placed in command of this mission of high importance. To be placed in command of such an important mission is an honour and I vow to carry out this mission successfully for both my leader and nation"

"You aren't still writing in that journel of yours are you Cassie?" laughed the man sat against the open door of the UH-60, taking his gaze off of her to stare out at the passing ocean. "For your information I was and no you can't ask what I was writing so just keep your mouth shut!" replied Cassandra unable to keep a grin from crossing her face as she stood up and walked to the open door, gently tucking the small pocketsize journal in her upper coat pocket.

Placing one hand tightly on the grip above the open doorway and another on her hip she stared at the other three members of her team. Her expression had hardened into one of extreme professionalism and any remarks that were going to be made were swiftly silenced before they could begin. "All of you already know our mission goals but I will go over them one last time" said Cassandra.

"Firstly we are to land at LZ Alpha undetected upon which we are to gather our personal equipment and ensure that the mission specific gear is ready for transport, secondly we are to move to the eastern coastline and set up the detection equipment without being detected. Once the equipment is in place we will carry out a detailed recon of the island and then withdraw to the EZ where we are to embark on the waiting UH-60 and be transported back to the command ship" Cassandra told the seated members who all nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

"We should be reaching the LZ in about ten minutes, so check your gear and make sure you got a round in the chamber. You never know what could be waiting for us" said Cassandra with a smile as she pulled out an assault rifle and and inserted a magazine into place. Satisfied it was ready for immediate firing she slung it over her shoulder and grabbed the door handle with both hands and felt the wind blow across her face, smiling as she thought of the successful conclusion of the mission.

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