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Admiralty of Conti

Council of Ten

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Archives Ident. 2009/009M

The Great Council in session assembled. Conti, the 08th October 2009


The Paymaster General and acting Bailiff of Conti was the first to speak on behalf of the Council of Ten after the passing of the Admiralty Act:

“[…] this key piece of legislation paves the way for the creation of a navy entrusted with the responsibility to uphold our democratic values, safeguard our independence and fulfil our treaty obligations. We have learned a valuable lesson from last summer’s combined threats of the Krieg Empire in the Iberian Peninsula and of the Chimairan Republic at the very doorstep of our dominion: the vital importance of possessing a blue-water navy whose capability to project power goes beyond the simple policing of our home waters […].”

  1. The present act establishes the Admiralty of Conti and the office of Lord High Admiral. The Lord High Admiral, appointed for a two-and-half-year term by the Great Council, is responsible for overseeing the administration of the navy in conjunction with the Councillor of State for War.
  2. The Admiralty, in conjunction with the Controller-General of Finances and the Paymaster General will oversee the construction of a Shipyard, Drydock, Naval Academy and a Naval Contruction Yard. A budget of €800,000 has been earmarked for the completion of these four projects.
  3. The Naval Infantry Regiment will be transferred under the authority of the newly-created Admiralty of Conti forming the nucleus of our future blue-water navy.
  4. The flag of the Admiralty will serve as the Naval Jack of Conti.


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