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DEMOCRATIC OPEN COMMUNITY Let me begin to tell you a liitle about ourselves;

I would like to extend a warm welcome hand in inviting you to join the Democratic Open Community.Every Nation needs to be protected, cared for and mentored in this Game. Why us you ask? Because we are one of the very few alliances that care about you, your needs and concerns.We allow you the freedom to grow your nation as you see fit. Most alliances Dictate the way you grow. We don't. With Us, EVERYONE has a voice and will be listened to. We will mentor you and help your Nation grow.We also offer a very lucrative start up package for your nation. We DO NOT dictate what color your nation HAS TO BE. We ARE NOT WAR MONGERS but will finish a war with an almighty vengeance. We believe in protecting our own. MOST alliances promise you a 3 million dollar starting aid package but what they do not tell you is that you MIGHT recieve it ONLY after a 30 day trial period and rigorous testing. Then and ONLY then, you MIGHT recieve it. If Interested, visit our forums at,


You Join us, you know you made the right choice

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