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Good Morning,

$20 donation to your nation for 4 payments of 3kk and 50tech

Breaks down like this:

You send me the aid offer I accept it and then do the donation and PM you the confirm number. The aid offer you send should say "1 of 4".

Now the bonus:

The payments go well and are timely (I dont have to send reminders) We will do a sept donation for a reduced rate. 3 payments of 3kk and 50 tech.

So thats 2 months donation one at a cash value of 18kk (standard rate) and one at 16.5 (and a slot free 10 days earlier). I'm an honest seller, done it before and have references. You wont be ripped off, and in the end you will pay less for donations with me then elsewhere (in cash value).

In my world its 11am, I get home at about 5pm so if your interested just send the 1st payment, I reserve the right to pick who the deal goes to if there are more then 1 party interested.


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