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Good Deal Selling Tech

The Borderlands

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I have a bit of a situation. Because my brother and I both made nations on the same network, they both got deleted. I emailed the admins, explaining the situation, but they won't even reply, so I'm basically screwed. (I'm making sure this won't happen again.)

Anyway, I lost 10 mil. and now I'm trying to make cash fast to repay nations who took up my offer on another tech deal, as I feel horrible about it all.

So here's my offer.

First we do the standard 3mil - 50 tech/50 tech, to make me extra cash quickly

After that, I'll offer 2.5 mil - 50 tech/50 tech for any nation which took me up on the first deal.

I'm very grateful to any nation willing to help me out and take up this deal.

Thanks, everyone.

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