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Republic of White Nations DoE


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Announcement from the Republic of White Nations Parliament

We would proudly like to announce that, after a round, we are still standing - and reformed too! Despite losing a few members, the new President Boogieman and we have decided to reform the alliance and keep it moving. With the creation whole new doctrines and government structures, the Republic of White Nations now stands stronger than ever besides its allies.

On a brief history of our alliance: We were found by King Alias, the current leader of Black Cats. Historically being a small alliance, we have been protectorates under the Phoenix Federation, and have traditionally sided with WOLF, a more "politically correct" hegemony of the Planet Steve. We have partaken in numerous conflicts, although we seem to have managed to avoid major scale conflicts fought by the hegemonic superpowers.

On our current objectives regarding the new round - we intend to follow somewhat the same policy we did, but with more activity and strength on our part. That being said, we acknowledge that this is a new round and we will have to renew treaties. So, we invite all of you to start embassies in our alliance, for closer diplomatic ties.

In short, the Republic of White Nations and its people salutes you!


President Boogieman

Field Marshal Mesteut

P.S. Yes, our highest ranking position is now correctly "President". :P:rolleyes:

P.P.S. [OOC] You can find the contact information in the alliance forums.

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