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Two more white trade circles


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Circle 1: Af-Pop, Fine Jewelry, Steel, Microchips, Scholars

It's actually quite a good set if you look at it in the resource calculator ;) You'd love this set if you have, or want to have, a navy, plus there's a pretty big boost in happiness and income.

Coal - DDolla of DDollazDlux

Fish - Gaius Aurelian of Aethiopian Empire

Furs -

Gems - Aqidion of Athieckt

Gold - Creekynoise of Creek Nation

Iron - Jarkko Salomki of Uralica

Lead - DDolla of DDollazDlux

Lumber -

Oil - Gaius Aurelian of Aethiopian Empire

Silver - Jarkko Salomki of Uralica

Wine - Aqidion of Athieckt

Wildcard (Pigs) - Creekynoise of Creek Nation

As you can see, we only need one more nation to complete this. :P

Circle 2: Asphalt/Autos/Beer/Construction/Steel/Nuke Capable

Aluminum - LaCourse of Johndom

Cattle - irishs3tt3r of Scarlett Phoenix

Coal -

Fish - HorusLoyalist of TwistedSparta

Iron - HorusLoyalist of TwistedSparta

Lumber -

Marble - SWESTO of Swestland

Oil - LaCourse of Johndom

Rubber - irishs3tt3r of Scarlett Phoenix

Uranium -

Water - SWESTO of Swestland

Wheat -

Good for infra reduction with a bit of a happiness boost and TEH NOOKZORZ :P

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