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The question of Conti/Kales

Council of Ten

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Conti, The 16th July 2009

Archives Ident. 2009/005

The Bailiff of Conti flew to Königsberg for the most important mission of his 12 months mandate. He had been nominated by the Great Council to deliver in person a letter to the Head of State of Preußen. "Ministerpräsident, he began, I cannot stress enough the importance of this question for Conti. Should you agree to open negotiations, I have received full mandate from the Noble Assembly to represent the Bailiwick's interests."

Addressed to Albert Tanzband, Ministerpräsident of Freistaat Preußen

[...] The Bailiwick of Conti would like to point your attention to the question of Calais/Kales.

As you know the City of Calais/Kales is vital to Conti's trade with its north and eastern European neighbours as it commands navigation into the Channel and beyond to the North Sea and the Baltic markets. Our commercial interests dictate that navigation on these vital waterways remains safe and is not hindered by any potentially unfriendly power.

The object of this letter is to enquire under which circumstances and modalities you would consider a transfer of sovereignty of the city to the Bailiwick.

Conti would like to present the following preliminary proposals:

1. The Great Council will guarantee that local taxation and civic amenities will remain the prerogative of the City's Lord-Mayor without interference from the Bailiwick.

2. The Great Council would like to appoint a permanent diplomatic representative in Preußen. Conti's Resident-Minister in Preußen would oversee all diplomatic relations with your Nation. The Resident-Minister is the highest office in Conti's Diplomatic Corps.

3. As Head of State of Preußen you will be invited to sign Conti's Golden Book which will grant you honorary membership to the Great Council for the length of your mandate (although effectively barred from attending sessions and without voting rights). This privilege will be bestowed upon your successors. [...]

The Great Council

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