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Infinite Empire

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Infinity Empire - Lehon - Sith Temple

A flag fluttered in the cold windy breeze. Emblazoned with the Imperial insignia, it gave a reassuring reminder to Adas that his empire was a firm stake planted within the ground of Europe. It had taken many decades to rebuild much of what his most earliest ancestors had built, but finally he had accomplished his most cherished and coveted goals. The rebuilding of the mighty Sith Order and the establishment of his Infinite Empire. Though small in size, size was not as important as was the continuation of the Cult and the overall prosperity of those who embraced it. Comprising several small cities as well as possessing a modest defense force, the Infinite Empire was secure from it's gravest threat: enemies from within.

Which is what brought King Adas to his business today. Several 'citizens' were believed to have participated in an anti-imperial rally in the center of Lehon, to protest the recent nationalization of all major Oil and Electric companies. These dissidents were becoming fewer and fewer as the government had cracked down hard on any form of demonstrations. However, it appeared and example needed to be made here.

"You realize what you have forced me to do, do you not? " Adas asked the ringleader of the group of five individuals in front of him.

" I realize that you will make a point to use us for your own sick ends, yes. We are surely dead. Kill us, but you will merely cause ten more to spawn in our place! " Said the man, bound and sitting on the cold flagstone ground.

They were in a small courtyard, just outside the Sith Temple that housed much of the arcane and mystical knowledge of their ancestors. It mainly served as an execution medium these days, and it was a place all too familiar to Adas. He actually had overseen it's construction three years earlier as unrest had reached it's peak then. Since the completion of the courtyard, it had seen more death and gore than most battlefields.

" What I do, I do for the betterment of our race! " Adas said sternly. He walked over and placed his hand on the cold, steel grip of a shortsword that was located on a rack mounted on a wall nearest to him. He walked back over to his previous position, and placed the tip of the blade on the neck of the leader.

" It is such a small thing, death. It is rather unfortunate that you make yourself a martyr. Sadness in the emphasis you place upon honor and glory. " Adas said.

He rammed the blade through the man's spinal base and watched as all tenseness left the body and it slumped forward, removing the blade from the body. Screams could be heard from the rest of the group. Blood poured like a small river from the corpse that had fallen to the ground, and it channeled it's way into grooves that were built into the courtyard, flowing to plants off to the side. Clearly, this killing floor also had a symbolic design as well as a utilitarian purpose.

" Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead. " Adas said, wiping the blade clean and replacing it. He clapped his hands and a trio of Imperial Footmen came into the courtyard, their rifles at the ready.

" Dispose of them. " Adas said over his shoulder as he left the courtyard, to enjoy a nice midday meal, and discuss the next course for his Empire. The screams of men and women could be heard as he wandered the corridors back to the main chambers of his Castle.

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