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Imperial Guard Training Program Leaked


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Your Formerly-Number-One-But-Now-Number-Three News Network

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight here at RSBN we have a special, special segment for you. For the first time ever, we have managed to obtain footage and imagery of the Imperial Guard training camps. As you all know, the Imperial Guard is the most prestigious unit of the Korean Armed Forces. But their training and personal lives are guarded as a state secret. RSBN has managed to obtain this footage and photography at great risk to our station and to the lives of our camera crews.


Just like any part of the Korean Armed Forces, the Imperial Guard drill regularly in hand-to-hand combat and Tae-Kwon-Do. However, unlike the regular armed forces where a more basic training regimen is given, the Guards drill for hours on end and all guardsmen who have been on active duty (following their three year training period) is capable of sparring with some of the greatest Tae-Kwon-Do masters in the Empire.


A four man squad of Korean Imperial Guard trainees sparring.


Like all units in the Korean Armed forces, the Guards perform cold weather training. The above photo is of first year trainees doing what older trainees and Guardsmen call "warm drills". The RSBN has obtained photographs of third year trainees and guardsmen during their cold weather training but cannot air it due to government laws against nudity.


Aside from cold weather fitness, the Imperial Guard is required to maintain physical fitness at all times. The photo above is a common exercise amongst third year trainees to ensure that not only are they physically fit, but also balanced and able to use their entire being as a weapon.


Imperial Guardsmen performing regular punishment for being late to early morning drills (this group was late by under a minute). They are to march around their training complex fifty times carrying the heavy steel bridge support piece.


Of course, no modern army is complete without firearms training. All guardsmen are required to be able to shoot 100 targets in a row to the head at 600 meters.

These soldiers aren't all work and no play, though. Like anyone else, these soldiers enjoy good food, good company, good times, and good music.

that our sources recorded of Korean Imperial Guardsmen during their free time.

Put all of this together and you have Korea's finest soldiers--and perhaps some of the finest ever produced in the history of mankind. To the members of the Imperial Guard, we of Korea salute you! We thank you for your undying loyalty to your country and your unwavering dedication to protecting the peace of the Empire!


Till next time, RSBN--your formerly-number-one-but-now-number-three news network!

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