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INA Report: Breaching the Barrier; a look inside the isolated People's Revolutionary Republic

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Breaching the Barrier; a look inside the isolated People's Revolutionary Republic

By Hans Ramsden

I remember years ago, when they were in the news all the time. Comrade Shane, the RMMP, the People's Revolutionary Republic... than one day, I heard about a war between that nation and members of the FAN alliance. Than I heard nothing more, at least not from them.

As a reporter it was my job to know what was happening in the world, and when the RMMP ruled over the most powerful Marxist nation on the planet I felt it was my duty to learn what I could about them. In 2006 I was granted a "press visa" by the government of the People's Revolutionary Republic, the quixotic and zealous Revolutionary Marxist Movement of Philadelphia. My time there was well spent, I thought, as I was mostly free to travel where I wished and speak to who I wanted with little to no interference from the national or local authorities. A journalist's (and perhaps, a communist's) dream I thought. The recent celebration of "Constitution Day", a holiday that replaced the American independence day in the People's Republic, had most people in high spirits and everyone I interviewed had nothing but praise and admiration for their government. I left at the end of July after attending the opening of a major art school in their capitol, Philadelphia. It seemed nothing could stop the rise of this benevolent empire.

About one month later, a coup toppled the government and plunged the nation into a bloody civil war.

I, along with the rest of the world, followed the events in the People's Revolutionary Republic closely over the next few weeks. The new military government closed the borders and their reports told of the destruction of the old state and government at the hands of a 'new revolution of the people'. The few refugees who escaped told a different story; one of a rouge general and his violent lust for power. As the weeks passed however, a small insurgency grew into a full fledged army and toppled the new government. It was revealed that 'Comrade Shane' had survived the coup and that the RMMP would be resuming control over the state. Things began to look up again for the PRR. Just days later, it was announced that the border would remain closed indefinitely. I found myself upset at this, first because I had made friends during my visit to that nation and was unsure if they were safe or not and second, because I found myself curious as to how these events changed the face of the People's Republic.

It wasn't until 5 months later that the newly formed 'Revolutionary Council of the RMMP' declared their self imposed isolation over and I was again allowed into the PRR. I arrived on February 12th, the day that marked one year since the RMMP took power in Philadelphia. The celebration was perhaps the biggest display of patriotism I have ever seen and the mood was even more electric than it had been when I was last there. I found little time to do much of anything productive as the entire nation seemed preoccupied with celebrating its accomplishments, so I figured 'when in Rome' and joined in the celebrating and decided to delay a few appointments in Philadelphia for a few days. On the 15th I awoke to uniformed soldiers entering my hotel room. My computer and papers were confiscated and I was told that I was being escorted to the airport. That morning the government had issued new restrictions on the press and my authorization to be in the PRR was revoked. I was put on an aircraft, sans my computer and a good amount of notes unrelated to anything involving the PRR or RMMP, and returned to my country of origin. I never even got a chance to talk to my contacts.

Soon after this injustice the RMMP formed a gestapo called the 'Janissary Corps' that answered exclusively to Comrade Shane. Within days of its conception the Corps invaded the headquarters of the Philadelphian Worker's Press, the national news outlet of the PRR, and arrested nearly every employee on very vague charges. The government took control of all media in the People's Republic and soon were dealing with a very unhappy public. After a series of terrorist attacks in the nation and the war with FAN the RMMP simply stopped releasing international press statements. What little information came from the PRP took the form of defectors and satellite images. Even their greatest tragedy, the detonation of several nuclear weapons over PRR land, went unreported to the outside world. For two long years, almost nothing has been heard from beyond their borders.

Than recently I received a phone call. I was very surprised to hear the voice of a man I had met in Philadelphia in 2006. When we met he was a journalist for the PWP and a dedicated supporter of the RMMP. In the months after, however, he was forced to flee the capitol when the military government stormed PWP headquarters and the civil war began. He found himself in Pittsburgh after the war and resumed work with the PWP branch there, only to be arrested by the Janissary Corps soon after and charged with, among other things, treason and 'counterrevolutionary activities'. After nearly being worked to death in a labor camp for almost 2 years he was freed just a month ago in a jailbreak that, according to him, resulted in several hundred deaths. After slipping past naval patrols with a few other escapees he made his way to the island of Bermuda, under the control of the New Pacific Order, and contacted the only person he knew outside the People's Revolutionary Republic: Me.

In an upcoming series of interviews I, Hans Ramsden, will reveal to the world what has been happening behind the 'crimson curtain' that has for so long shielded the People's Revolutionary Republic and RMMP from the eyes of the world. Stay tuned...


Edited by Comrade Shane
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