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Klatu Barada Nichto and Other Space Encounters


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Our glorious flag (try to find the hidden symbol)


The center of the known universe


Official Name: The center of the known universe and all other parallel universes; home to greys, bigfeet, lizardmen; and other paranormal creatures, the glorious republic of New Andromeda.

Government Type: Republic

President: Thomson Cruz


Capital: Roswell

Larger Cities: Santa Fe, Albuquerque

Official Languages: English, Spanish

Minority Languages: German, Tongues, Ebonics

Major Religions: Scientology, Nuwaubianism

National motto: It's a Conspiracy!

National Anthem: Lizardman Symphony

Future Sections





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We are a republic, meaning that we hold elections to decide the leader of our government.

A new twist on this is that we believe that all major world leaders are either evil aliens or evil lizardmen, and our leader is no exception. So we've decided why not let our leader be the most evil and the most like an alien. This fact has led to some very interesting campaign posters...


The next major office that is as far as we know not run by aliens is the foreign minister. He is appointed by the president most likely for his evil alien agenda. Without further ado here he is


Dudley "Dudz" Douglass, foreign minister of New Andromeda and self proclaimed 10th level battle-mage. In his youth he graduated from the acclaimed Roswell high school in the top 95th percentile. He was also voted "most likely not to succeed" in his class. It is still unknown as to why Cruz selected him to be foreign minister, but who are we to argue with an evil alien president.

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In the Glorious Republic of New Andromeda, two specific resources make up the majority of our economic income: Oil and Tourism.


Oil from both the Permian Basin and the San Juan basin make up the majority of our oil production. New Andromeda is one of the leading oil producers on the North American Continent and is ready to export.


Pictured: A typical oil rig


Roswell, the capital of New Andromeda is a mecca for all sorts of alien conspiracy theorists and other crazies. Luckily we are a government based upon these conspiracies, so we are able to profit on these tourists that we allow in. We are able to make so much revenue by selling alien themed souveniers that are less than adiquete quality.


Pictured: A typical piece of garbage ($19.99)

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