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Academy of Paradise


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It is my pleasure to announce that the Academy of Paradise ,a blue team alliance, is proud to be found today July 4, 2009 (Independence Day).



Charter of the Academy of Paradise


We are the foundation who established an alliance after the remains of GWIII and agreed to bid with the charter at all times. Through one year in the making and the subject of deletion due to inactivity, our rector began gathering the remains of the war to form an alliance. Thus creating a new light in the atmosphere and once and for all bringing inner peace toward all alliance of every sphere.

Article I: Registration

As an alliance based on values and principles, the Academy of Paradise welcomes any member of the CyberNations community to apply for membership to the alliance so long as they understand and are willing to comply with the following guidelines.

- Members must be members in good standing of the general CyberNations community. Those that have wronged other alliances, maliciously committed acts deemed deplorable, or in the ZIed list will not be admitted by the Academy.

- All members of the Academy are bound to this Constitution. Those found to be contravening this guideline will face disciplinary action up to and including ejection from the alliance.

Article Two: Government

Article 2.1 - Rector

- The Rector is the head of the Academy and founded this alliance. He cannot be removed and will always stay in his position. He has full executive powers and control every member in the alliance; thus we can automatically removes a member from any position at any time. In an election, the Rector will always have 5 votes to use.

Article 2.2 – Provost

- The Provost is the vice in command compared to the Rector. He has almost the same powers of the Rector except he is elected every 3 months. In an election, the Provost will have up to 3 votes to use.

Article 2.3 – Professors

- There are three professors in the Academy. All professors have 2 votes to use in a election.

-Professor of Extermination: This professor is commonly known as the Minister of War. He will guide the troops into battle and use his head to even the battlefield.

-Professor of Immunity: This professor is commonly known as the Minister of Defense. He will protect the Academy at all costs.

-Professor of Tutelage: This professor is commonly known as the Minster of Education. He will teach new applicants the secrets of the Academy and educated them the basics/advanced of Cybernations.

-All professors will be elected every 2 months.

Article 2.4 – Other Gov. Officials

-Financial Trustee: This person is commonly known as the Minister of Finance. He will be charge of tech deals, trade, and all the finance in Cybernations. In an election, he will have 2 votes to use.

-Counselor: This person is commonly known as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will be in charge of all the diplomacy in and out of Cybernations.

Article 2.5 – Students

-Students are the members of the Academy. They will bide with the charter like everyone else. In an election, they will have 1 vote to use.

Article Three: Military Policy

Military Action:

-Attacks may only be conducted with the permission of a government member.


- The Academy considers any attempt to spy on our nukes will be considered a threat and will be taken into action very seriously.

- In the case of a defensive war, in which the Academy is declared on, first strike nuclear retaliation is the standard procedure. This may be changed during times of war by a direct veto of the Rector.

Article Four: Resignation

- Any member in good standing may resign from the Academy except in a state of DEFCON1 or if prohibited by government order. Any member who owes money to the Academy who leaves will be expected to pay it back in a timely manner, timely being defined by the standing government.

- The resignation of a government member will considered in the same way, and upon the resignation of a government member, an election for their position will take place.

Article Five: Amendments

-This charter is subjected to be changed.


Rector vom53

Come check us out our history, forums, and other ACADEMIC success at


What the Academy of Paradise have:

*Official Alliance Song

*One of a kind pledge

*No War Until Everyone GOES GOOEY (Peace Always. Promise.)

*Start-Up Program that GIVES IMPROVEMENT

*We are all the academies that the other alliances have in their DoE(Deparment of Education).

*We teach you to be the best of who you are.

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Just an update:

We are still standing tall and need leaders for us to grow even more. New and experienced nations are welcomed with the same respect we give to everyone.

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A friendly remainder:

We are currently on the growth of expansion and need members/leaders to help maintain the foundation.

They will be prizes and benefits given around the alliances if enough members join/stay.

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