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3BR - 2 Wildcards - Color to be chosen


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Okay, so I tried to set up an 8BR but I really still think 3BR is MUCH better, and I was told it is the best Trade Circe in the game... So I hope I can get myself one of those, and here I am...

3BR is the best because you max out population which makes you more money when collecting taxes. Also lots of discounts and advantages you can get by this Trade Circle... Check out those screen shots.


Also, the team color is to be chosen after the Trade Circle is done! So I am willing to change to any team color... I hope you too can ;)

Okay, now the resources:

Aluminum: Sweetness (Blue)

Lumber: jbirdious (Blue)

Wheat: jbirdious (Blue)

Water: Emperor Jacob (Blue)

Marble: IRSPOMC (Blue)

Iron: Alero (Blue)

Pigs: Alero (Blue)

Spices: Sweetness (Blue)

Sugar: Emperor Jacob (Blue)

Cattle: ERIKER (Blue)

Fish (Wild Card): IRSPOMC (Blue)

Lead: ERIKER (Blue)

If your joining, then please reply o this post... Please include your nation link and if you can change your team color or not...

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