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Going Back home


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After a long time being way from home The Han Chinese which moved from their home has now returned ,The Lu Empire Imperial family and other nobles where moved first before the other classes "

The Imperial family and Nobles are traveling in the Lu imperial Jet's.


which are guarded by 15 F-100 Super Sabre


and 20 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15


To the New Capital of HuheHaote in Northern China.


The Lu empire wish's to give their the old land they are Leaving back to the Cochin protectorate, and Emperor Lu Tai and the Imperial family are very happy to come back to their home after a very long time of being away.

as for Middle and Low Class Han Chinese which are Lu empire Citizens who moved away from china during the Wars are being transported by land and our heavily protected by Lu Forces as they move through the area .

the migrater's are guarded by heavy tanks


which proves the rest of the military are moving with them.

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