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Buying Tech, 3-million per 50 tech, Large nation, reliable buyer


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UPDATE 6-29-09: ALL SLOTS FULL , NEW Slots on July 3rd, 5th, 6th

This is a good deal for tech sellers:double the current rate.

I am offering this rate because I need no-nonsense sellers. I have a long history of tech deals and donation deals and my alliance has among the best reputation for prompt and efficient payment in the entire cyberverse.

This deal is only valid for tech-first sellers

You send me 50 tech, 10 days later you will receive 3-million.

I will bump this thread because I will continue to offer this deal for a long time.



Also, to clarify:

You do not need to send me a message asking if I have slots.

If I have open slots, just go ahead and send the tech. If the slot is reserved I will simply refuse the aid.

Also, I will not normally reserve slots for tech sellers unless you are looking for a better deal for me.

My slots are all first-come, first served unless you would like to do 6mil/150 tech.

If that's the case, please send me a PM and/or the first tech shipment and we will work it out.

Thank you all again and I look forward to another successful round.

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