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Aff.Pop/Beer/Fine Jewelry Trade Circle round 6

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My dear fellow players, I greet you on this beautiful day 26th of June 2009 AD. First of all i wish you all best luck, and may your sword strike swiftly and never miss a hit. I'm offering you amazing chance to join most wonderful trade circle. Please do not hesitate for a moment to contact me if you have any questions about this trade circle.

Aluminum: logik

Coal: logik


Furs: natas31

Gems: natas31

Gold: teh damon


Oil: Ferdinand I

Silver: kidkiller884

Water: kidkiller884

Wheat: teh damon

Wine: Ferdinand I

Bonus Resources : Affluent Population, Beer and Fine Jewelry.

This trade circle will grant you following bonuses:


*Income: +10$

*Population: +22,5%

*Happiness: +16,5

*Infra cost: -16,1%

*Tech cost: -5%

*Land Cost: -5%

*Land bonus: +15%

*Environment: +1


*Soldier Efficiency: +42,6%

*Soldier Cost: -3$

*Aircraft cost: -11,7%


*Infra upkeep: -8%

*Tank upkeep: -5%

*Navy Upkeep: -10%

Let us prosper together. Contact me if you are interested.

Thank You for your attention.

Ferdinand I of Vatican City

Edited by Ferdinand I
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