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Purple 8BR + Uranium


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This war has been fun, many have gone inactive. I have lost all but one trade partner from the beginning of the war due to either leaving me for a trade circle or more likely inactivity. Enough is enough. Here is my attempt at starting a trade circle on my own. Please update this post by filling your name in if you are interested. While purple is preferred for the final circle color, if enough are a different color, then by all means, majority rule, and we'll switch to that.

Thank you much! Cannot wait to have this setup. :-D

Eight Bonus Resources


Radiation Cleanup



Scholars (if enough tech for literacy rate)




Needed Resourses

Aluminum - eaglecat

Lumber - Avena

Wheat - Arkania

Water - Elidan

Coal - Empire Del Sol (tentative, a current new trade partner, pending PM confirmation)

Gold - Empire Del Sol (tentative, a current new trade partner, pending PM confirmation)

Lead - Poseidon

Oil - Avena

Iron - Poseidon

Marble - Elidan

Rubber - Arkania

Uranium - eaglecat

Bonus to You - Economy

For Income:

Income + $6.00

Happiness + 11 pts

Citizens +8%

For Building:

Infra Cost -35.2%

Tech Cost -12.6%

Land Cost -10%

Land Bonus +38%

Environment +2%

Env Penalty -50%

Bonus to You - Military

Soldier Efficiency +42.6%

Soldier Cost - $6.00

CM Cost -20%

Nukes Cost -20%

Tanks Cost -8%

Navy Cost -23.5%

Aircraft Cost -15.2%

Aircraft Limit +10 Units

Bonus to You - Upkeep

Infra Upkeep -21.3%

Soldier Upkeep -$0.50

Tank Upkeep -17%

Nuke Upkeep -20%

Navy Upkeep -35.2%

Aircraft Upkeep -25%

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Trade circle (and the one I am in) one complete. I have received a few extra replies to my PMs, for those I will start tomorrow night (or Monday) a second set list below. If it works out, I would not mind at all helping to grease the wheels to get a second round running. :)

Thank you all who responded and viewed my post, and answered my PMs with honor and grace. Good luck to all.

- eaglecat

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