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Imperial knights

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You may or may not have heard of my alliance, the Imperial knights. The Imperial Knights were created early this year by cool3atool and we have 70 or over members and over 1mil Strengh, so we are progressing well. As you join you are promised a 3mil aid offer and there will be many trade circle and tech trades for you to participate in. We are lloking for loyal members. Not the kind where they join... take the 3mil and then run off. Or bully other members, we are a aqua team alliance currently but are having a poll on the forums voting for our colour. We have a active forum and many members willing to help out wherever they can. also we have some of the best govt members in the whole of cn (in my opinion)who will sort out the trades and tech deals whenever possible. http://ikcn.org/

sozz i just realised we already have a recruitment topic :( you can dlt

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