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Announcement from the DOA

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Hello everyone, just wanted to let you guys know about a nation that was kicked out of the DOA 3 or so weeks ago for multiple rogue attacks and saying that he didn't know that he wouldn't even though in his application, he said that he wouldn't attack any allied nations.

He attacked two allied nations within a month. The first was an applicant to NSO, he sent me a message either right before, or right after declaring on them, and I quote:

To: AsianLeader From: zackary99 Date: 3/15/2009 2:02:43 PM

Subject: RE: Aid change

Message: hellow I would like to point out that if we want more members then we need to attack the alliance called : The new sith order , this is something I have a good feeling about. please consider

No joke. He said afterwards that he meant to press the trade button, not the declare war one, but it's apparent that he meant attack. He was put onto probation for this, and against his probation, kept asking for loans. He then asked if he could attack an unaligned nation. I told him to ask our military head, which he said he would. A couple days later, I saw that he was at war with said nation. I asked him if he got permission, since I still saw our military head inactive on CN. Zackary99 said that he didn't know that he was suppose to get permission.

The DOA council then had a meeting and with a unanimous vote, kicked Zackary99 out of the DOA. For the next 1-2 hours, while I was doing RL stuff (homework) and demasking him, he would beg to have a second chance, that he didn't know....

/me facepalms

How could someone not know? Anyways, just wanted every alliance to be warned about this guy. He's currently bearing the Rapture AA, but I warned them about him, they told me that they would deal with the matter.

So this is just for any future alliances that he applies to.

Ruler Name- zackary99

Nation Name- Great Britian

Nation Link- Don't have it now, will get it sometime tomorrow when I can actually do something on CN. This is why I hate big wars....

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we need to attack the alliance called : The new sith order , this is something I have a good feeling about. please consider

Clearly we're in trouble now :o

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