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[CNRP] Election Results from the Southern Empire


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As promised, Reichskaiser Ranather Rukia has dissolved his Emergency Powers Board and allowed for the progression of nationwide Parliamentary and Governorship elections. The elections were held over the weekend and the Imperial Election Commission has released the results to the public.


Imperial Party - 45 Seats

Communist Party - 35 Seats

Nationalist Party - 10 Seats

Conservative Party - 10 Seats


Imperial Province - Hans Blackbird (Imperialist)

Zambia Province - Yuniseski Sandoval (Imperialist)

South Angola Province - Harriet Matcher (Communist)

Franzharia Province - Viera Resdayn (Communist)

The Imperial, Nationalist, and Conservative parties have decided to form a coalition, essentially preventing the Communists from affecting everyday policymaking in the Empire.

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