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The Messengers Of Orcus

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Official Charter for the Messengers of Orcus


We, the nations that comprise gtlt, recognize by our unification that we share common goals and aspirations, and that uniting under one name and standard is the best way to defend our interests and nations. As such, any attack on one of our members shall be deemed an attack on all of us, and will be reacted to in kind.

Section 1: Alliance Membership

gtlt is an alliance open for applications, but membership will be granted by either the MoR or a Triumvir.

Membership will only be granted if:

- The applicant is not deemed an enemy of the state

- Is not in any wars

- Is not considered a rogue

1. Admittance: We will not allow dual membership. Any nation applying for membership must have officially resigned from any and all previous alliances, and must not be seeking membership with any other alliance.

2. Applicants must supply the following information with their applications:

A. Ruler Name

B. Nation Name

C. Nation Strength

D. Nation Resources

E. Previous alliance(s), reason(s) for leaving, and time spent in each alliance.

F. How they heard of us

G. Reason(s) for wanting to join

3. Expulsion: Nations will be expelled from the alliance as punishment for charter violations, surrender in war, and aiding any enemy of the state (either monetarily or intelligence) as deemed necessary by the proper authorities.

Methods of expulsion:

A. ¾ Majority vote

B. Unanimous agreement from the Triumvirate

C. Approval from two triumvirs and either the MoR or the MOIA

D. Approval from one triumvir, the MoR, and the MOIA

4. Leaving: We acknowledge every nation's sovereignty, and as such any nations which wish to leave the alliance may do so, and must only post a request for an Honorable Discharge.

A. Honorable Discharges will NOT be granted during times of war

5. Re admittance:

A. Honorable Discharge: Any nations granted an honorable discharge who wish to rejoin our ranks may do so. All that is required is a written request in the Application Hall.

B. Dishonorable Discharge: Any nations granted a dishonorable discharge who wish to rejoin our ranks may reapply. Applications must be accompanied by an apology for whatever reason they were discharged from our ranks, and will be accepted or rejected on a case-by-case basis. Re admittance needs to be approved unanimously by the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate may also put stipulations on their re admittance such as but not limited to:

1. Fines

2. Limitations to government eligibility

Membership Requirements

1. Members must NOT be dicks, asshats, !@#$% bags, etc.

2. Members must NEVER surrender in war

a. Surrendering in war before the alliance is synonymous with resigning from the alliance. All who surrender shall be given a dishonorable discharge

3. Members must NEVER attack another alliance or members of an alliance.

a. Alliances are hereby defined as a group of 5 or more nations united under the same Alliance Affiliation.

b. Exceptions are to be made when the government issues a Declaration of War against an alliance.

4. Members are expected to support the alliance when it is requested, be this monetarily or militarily.

5. Members are expected to actively participate in the government. Participation may include but is not limited to:

a. Voting

b. Running for an office

c. Assisting in another member’s campaign

d. Voting for our Senator(s)

6. Members are expected to follow orders when given without questioning. You voted for the leadership (either actively or by omission), so don’t !@#$%*.

Section 2: Government Structure

Elections will be held quarterly. Every position listed below will be open for new candidates every election. Appointments and other special government positions will not be open for elections except as detailed in the creation of each seat.

Triumvirate – Will have the ultimate say in every decision

Minister of War – Will manage the daily military actions, both offensive and defensive, within the alliance. May assist with other Ministries in the absence of the respective ministers.

- Will have one deputy excepting special circumstances where more are needed and approved by the MoW and at least 2 Triumvirs.

Minister of Internal Affairs – Will manage the daily going-ons within the alliance. May assist with other Ministries in the absence of the respective ministers.

- Will have one deputy excepting special circumstances where more are needed and approved by the MoIA and at least 2 Triumvirs.

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Will handle all diplomatic relations (embassies, attacks against members, etc). May assist with other Ministries in the absence of the respective ministers

- Will have on deputy excepting special circumstances where more are needed and approved by the MoFA and at least 2 Triumvirs.

Minister of Recruitment – Will handle both recruitment and the processing of applications. As this is vital to the growth and development of the alliance the MoR may appoint as many deputies as he/she sees fit, but only one will hold an official government seat. May assist with other Ministries in the absence of the respective ministers.

- Runner up will hold the official government seat/title unless it is removed by the MoR and at least two Triumvirs, in which case the MoR may name their replacement without consulting the Triumvirate.


Should a Triumvir seat need to be replaced mid-term the MoIA, MoW, and MoFA shall cast a vote with the remaining Triumvirs. All three ministers and both Triumvirs must reach a consensus. If a consensus is not reached within 24 hours an emergency vote will be presented to the alliance in which the debated replacements (maximum of 3, whoever received the most support) will be presented to the alliance for voting.

Should a minister’s seat need to be replaced mid-term for any reason, appointment shall be given by a unanimous decision by the Triumvirate. If they are unable to reach a consensus within 48 hours there will be an emergency vote in which the debated replacements (up to 3) will be presented to the alliance.

Should a deputy seat need to be replaced mid-term for any reason the respective minister will name the replacement with the approval of at least one Triumvir.

Deputies shall be appointed by the alliance as the runners-up in the elections. In the event that a minister needs to be replaced the deputy shall act as the minister until a replacement is found, or they are named. If the deputy is not named minister they shall remain in their deputy position until the end of their elected term.

Emergency assignments shall serve the rest of the current term, and the seat will go to a vote as normal with the next election.


All members are allowed to run for any government seat. All nominations will be accepted. All nominations must be accompanied by a short essay on why you feel the person deserves your nomination. This is to prevent spam-nominations. If someone you wish to nominate has been nominated you may second the nomination and will not be required to detail why, although you will be given the opportunity. You may nominate yourself, but must follow the same guidelines for any other nomination.

Elections are to be open to the alliance for 48 hours. The winner will be given the seat (top 3 in the case of the Triumvirate) with the runner up being named deputy (if for a Minister position).

Section 3: Treaties

MADP’s require the approval of either:

-All three Triumvirs and at least 2/3 of the Ministers

-At least two Triumvirs, and all Ministers

-At least one Triumvir, all Ministers, and all Deputies

MDP’s require the approval of either:

-All three Triumvirs

-At least two Triumvirs and the MoFA

-At least one Triumvir and all of the Ministers


We don’t do them, so don’t bother asking. They are pointless and do nothing for either party.


-We won’t sign it if we don’t mean it. We aren’t !@#$%^&, and we won’t leave our allies when they need us.

Section 4: *Surrender in War

We will fight to the end. If we surrender it will be at the same time as the rest of our allies, but we will NEVER surrender while an ally remains on the battle field.

Section 5: *Charter Amendments

This charter is a fluid document, and as such may be amended at any time. An amendment requires a 2/3 majority vote of the membership. These votes will remain open for 48 hours to allow all members a chance to vote.

*Any fields marked with an asterisk may not be changed.

Awards Of Up To 3 Million may be awarded for Joining here

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