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Obligatory PPF thread


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Hey, join the PPF! Do it.



The Prism Protection Front (PPF) is an alliance dedicated to Sharks, Justice, Pirogies and the notion that after all, this is just a game. Have fun, you guys! When and if we are to go to war, all ideological jibber-jabber will be thrown out the window, and we will simply state the true reasons for conflict. The PPF is a white alliance, and as of January 31st, 2007, all new members are required to join the White sphere to be considered for membership.

Article I: Wars

The PPF is not an aggressive alliance, both as a matter of belief and of practicality. No member of the PPF is permitted to engage in aggressive wars against any other alliances without authorization from Opethian (Spying is considered a military action, and is no form allowed by the PPF). Violation of this rule can result suspension, expulsion, or military retaliation. Wars against independent nations are discouraged, though not disallowed. Any nation taking part in such activates is expected to accept full consequences of their actions, and may not receive any aid from the PPF if problems should arise. Overly aggressive nations may be suspended, expelled, or attacked if their actions are deemed inappropriate, or an abuse of this policy.

Article II: Government

A) The government of the PPF shall exist as a true democracy until such a time as membership should pass 30 Nations. If this should occur it will be replaced with a 5-member council elect by PPF members. These elections will occur once a month, and there are no term limits. Opethian will adhere to decisions of the council, but holds the power of absolute or line-item veto should he disagree with a decision.

B) The head of state of the PPF is Opethian of Pittsburghistan. Known as the Supreme Shark, Opethian holds veto power over all rulings of the governing council.

Article III: Behavior

Members of the PPF are accorded free speech in all matters, but are expected not to behave in such a way that endangers or unduly places the PPF in a negative light. Members who act in such a manner will be in danger of suspension, expulsion, or even military retaliation. Corrective actions will be decided upon by the council, unless actions are deemed so flagrant that Opethian demands immediate action.

Article IV: Amendments

The PPF charter is open to amendment as voted on by the council or deemed necessary by Opethian.


Amendment I: rtbh99

Let's talk about rtbh99

Amendment II: OOC

Members of the PPF will have respect for the sanctity of OOC behaviors and actions. No matter what it is that someone or some group does outside of this site and of this game*, members of the PPF will not use said actions or behaviors for any purposes in-game. This includes, but is not limited to: Motivations for war, creation of topics to smear or single-out (a) player(s) or (an) alliance(s), and making announcements of denunciation. Violation of this policy can result in suspension, expulsion, or military retaliation as deemed necessary by Opethian and/or the Council.

*All off-site forums are considered to be "canon" to the CN universe so long as they are stated as such by an alliance or group. Sites from which alliances may emigrate are ALWAYS OOC/non-canon.


The Aquarium

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