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UINE has changes in government


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I'd like to take a moment of your time ladies and gentleman to make a happy announcement amidst the current rather... tense political situation on Planet Bob. The UINE has recently made modifications to its government and we feel like it is time to present these changes to the public! Before that however, I'd like to thank everyone who has decided to make UINE their home, without you we'd be nothing (yes all 95 of you). Id also like to send out special thanks to a man whom will was willing to break with his past and turn the page, he has made a recent jump to UINE as Deputy Commander and whos great great experience and awesome personnality will truely help us progress to heights no one would expect from a 30 day old alliance! So now, ill quit my rant before we all lose the small amount of attention we have left for this thread, and get on with the announcement, it is a great honour for me to present the UINE government:

Monarch: Keve69

Prime Minister: Mingmei

Deputy Commander: HRH King Raymond II

Field-Marshall: CaptKorn

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Admiral Adama

Minister of Finance: Sultan Blake

Minister of Recruitment: Damian

Minister of Justice: Andreberube

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mckzck

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Brndenb

Finally, I'd like to take a quick moment to thank all the friends who have been with us over the past weeks and who have always supported us and given us all the tools neccessary for success:

ARES (our brothers and parents they taught us all we know, without them we wouldnt be where we are now!), NpO, RIA, TOH, IPA, Apocalypse, CBS and the Yukon Confederacy

Thanks and may admin bless you all!

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