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Announcement of Policy


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Nation Factbook (Read for a quick recap of recent history in the Federacion and present government)

The newly inaugurated President Luis Donado gazed out across the square from his portico in Valencia's Presidential Residence. Sighing, he held up the sheet of paper he grasped in his hand and read what he had written earlier:

Dear friends,

I thank you for your kind words and deeds in our time of deepest sorrow and need. There exist no words in any tongue to fully explain the depth of my gratitude for all you have done for us. It is my pleasure to say that the rightful government of the Federacion Iberiana has resumed governance from the false Pirate Federation, just as it is my deep sorrow to announce that those individuals who orchestrated the attack upon our President and the following civil war have been found guilty of treason in a court of law and have been sentenced to be executed. I assure you that I shall commute their sentence, but they will face strict penalties nonetheless for their crimes.

Because we are still dealing with the aftereffects of the Civil War and the following pirate usurpation, I regret to inform you that my government is going underground, both literally and figuratively. Our actions will not be publicized so long as our lives and our people are in danger. Rest assured that our policies will not change in the mean time, but all the same you ought not to expect any communications from us for some time.

Thank you again.


Luis Donado

President of the Federacion Iberiana

"Here, send this to our allies."

"Yes sir. Right away."

"Now, I believe it's time we went to the bunker?"

"Yes sir. This way, if you would."

OOC: Gotta post what happened to the pirates, etc., but I'm going to be focusing on the war for a while. Consider this my announcement of short-term inactivity.

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