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This is just the start. I'll revise this document, think it out more thoroughly and eventually create forums and so on. I'm not expecting anyone to join at this stage, but I'm interested in making allies and in hearing feedback.

Thank you, Sulara.

Draft charter of Eurasia


Eurasia seeks to create a united opposition to the breakdown of global power into the hands of a mere handful of superpowers and the creation of a responsible global community where power is spread out among all. Nations of Eurasia are united not by common ideology or religion, but by the bond of solidarity, friendship, loyalty and pride in one's country. Eurasia seeks to build a world where people do not live their lives in the pursuit of impossible goals, but instead where honour, dignity and freedom are of first and foremost importance. A world where all nations are equal and free to celebrate their unique cultures and ideals. While nationalism is often defined as loyalty to one's race or ethnicity, Eurasia places more importance on geopolitics and the respecting of sovereign states' rights. We wish to see a world of many cultures.

Eurasia is based on the following principles:

1. It is a league of patriotic nations.

2. Eurasia wishes to build nations that are largely self sufficient and take pride in their unique cultures.

3. It is a national movement. All nationalities united under the banner of Eurasia can find a way to express their political and cultural aspirations.

4. Eurasianism can best be described as a nationalistic set of ideas, with the 'nation' being defined as a group of people who speak the same language, are willing to protect their country, and who believe that they share a common destiny. The social policies of a Eurasianist government reflect this nationalistic outlook, while recognising that freedom is a vital part of any nation.

With respect to foreign policy, the Eurasia believes that:

1. The path the world has taken is destructive. It is spiritually empty, false and monstrous. Behind economic prosperity there is a total spiritual degradation. It has been contaminated by anti-human ideals.

2. Eurasia is deeply opposed to globalisation, for it is through this social, economic, and political process that the people of all nations are losing their rights and the power to control their own lives. The domination of the world's economic and political structures by a small group of people and organisations is restricting the freedom of individuals of every nation and territory, and we see this as a violation of their human rights.

With respect to domestic policy, Eurasia intends to:

1. Reinforce Eurasian unity, the vertical line of authority and curtail foreign influence.

2. Promote ethno-cultural formations.

3. In Eurasia, the rights of the nations come before human rights. A climate of discipline, belligerence and diligence. Simultaneoulsy, a culture of complete freedom for citizens to do as they please.

4. The land belongs to the state, that is, all of the people.

Government Structure of Eurasia:

1. In accordance with Eurasianism, there is no single leader or ruling body. All nations are equal under the banner of Eurasia. Elements that seek to destroy Eurasia from within will be discovered and dealt with militarily.

2. Committees shall be created to oversee the affairs of the state.


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