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Chaos in Kosmala

Calin Deitzen

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With the ex-Monarchy in chaos and anarchy, Kosmala is in a crisis. Soldiers have tried to keep order, but has only held the capital, Krunzoft, free from rioters and is rebuilding the castle of the Monarch from the bombs that went off that started this whole mess.

King Deitzen, son of the ex-King, has requested all citizens supporting the government to stay in their homes and not try to police the cities themselves, but few have listened, leading to a 'community watch police' that has rid several cities of rioters and bombers. It is expected that within three days, the anarchy will dissipate and King Deitzen will be take power and turn the country around.

Unless something happens...

(OOC: My nation actually went from Monarchy to Anarchy because I sent too many troops out..lol..stupid me..)

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Calin sat in the temporary office in a building near the construction site of the old Castle. He set the phone back on the hook and wiped his forehead in frustration and worry.

"Levin, that was General Ousten from Barsus and its been over-run. We've lost it Levin, that's the sixth city in two weeks. We're screwed..My uncle destroyed this nation beyond repair. This is the end of Kosmala." Calin turned the spinning chair toward the window and stared at the half finished west wall.

"Your highness, please don't think like this. This nation has potential and even if your uncle has ruined it, you have taken power and now must reclaim the kingdom from the rioters and unite it once again. This bombing started it and we still don't know who did it, but General Ousten knows how to detain this anarchist event. You need to give him more power and forces." Levin Phich reclined in the chair on the opposite side of the massive desk. He straightened the papers in his lap and put them in the folder that they came from.

"I don't want to look like a communist dictator! I can't send large forces around as I see fit. I have to follow laws and pass legislation through my cabinet, not on a personal whim. I don't want to be my uncle."

"Sir, this kingdom is under chaos and the people need you to take radical action to suppress the rioters."

Calin slowly spun the chair back to face Levin and pondered how to go forth, but a knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. A bodyguard with an earpiece opened the door and told him a visitor was here, and with bodyguards himself. Calin signaled to let them in, and before the visitor came in four of Calin's bodyguards walked in from another door and surrounded Calin and Levin.

The door opened once again with a young man dressed all in red robes, almost priest looking. He strode forward and took the chair next to Levin. He looked barely over 20 and had a grace and air about him that spoke of high intelligence and high class. Behind him, three heavily armed army looking guys walked in and spaced themselves out throughout the room. They wore body armor, side arms, a sawed off shotgun strapped to their back and an assault rifle ready in their arms. Immediately Calin's guards whipped out high-powered stun-guns and aimed at the men.

"Your highness Kind Deitzen, I would bow, but I don't bow to that family name. That particular family has ruined this great nations economy, government confidence, and absolutely embarrassed the citizens to be considered part of this nation." He had a smirk that showed a great ego and that he was trying to provoke Calin into anger.

"Who are you and why do you think I have the time to speak with you with the kingdom in shambles?" He stayed surprisingly calm in the face of his provoker and scooted forward toward the table.

"My name is Novan and I am the initiator of this 'chaos' that you speak of. In truth though, this 'chaos' is actually specifically coordinated coup of your family and this 'kingdom' to a socialist government where all people are equal and everyone is benefited by the government. You are a tyrant and my men here have come to take care of this coup." He waved his hand and the three men walked to the sides of the desk but were blocked when the body guards held their guns out and aimed them at the men.

"If you plan on assassinating me you will be foiled." Calin's guards tried forcing the men back to the door but they aimed their rifles at Calin and immediately Calin's men fired their stunners, hitting their skulls, killing them with the massive shocks to their brains. But a split second before it hit them, two shots fired, one hit Levin in the shoulder and the other hit the wall behind Calin. Novan stood in shock and ran toward the doors but the door guard fired and sent him into a convulsive fit which left him on the floor, alive but unconsious.

"Take him down to the jail, and called medics immediately." He jumped over the table and grabbed Levin out of the chair and placed him flat on the floor to tend to his shoulders. "I guess now we know who started this." He grinned and Levin tried grinning through the pain. Soon medics came in and took him out.

Calin then called his press secretary and told her to announce that Kosmala is now under martial law and send a formal request to surrounding nations for troops to support General Ousten in his efforts to clean out the rioters from all the cities of Kosmala.

Meanwhile, Novan would be interrogated and possibly held on trial just as his rights guarantee him.

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