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The Belkan Army

Rudolf Belka

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Commander-in-Chief- Rudolf Belka (also holds a lot of other roles and doctorates)

Chief General- Jackson Cavalier

Brigadier General- Yasser Lazarus

Lieutenant General- Marissa Dietermann

Lieutenant Commander- Inigo Del Toya

Infantry Batallions

Julia Division- under the staff of Lt. Commander Inigo Del Toya

122nd Commando Squadron 'Flyer'- 66 troops led by Nikolas Andrade

144th Infantry Squadron 'Delta'- 155 troops led by Francois Juros

66th Armored Fist 'Cypher'- 145 troops and 15 tanks led by David Seltzmann

33rd Armored Fist 'Montague'- 87 troops and 13 tanks led by Valter Beck

35th Infantry Squadron 'Rhein'- 95 troops led by Dram Bermann

Gotha Division- under the staff of Lance-Sergeant Miklos Jaric

115th Infantry Squadron 'Omega'- 122 troops led by Miklos Jaric

45th Armored Fist 'Pi'- 133 troops and 22 tanks led by Josef Hamlin

47th Armored Fist 'Sigma'- 107 troops and 20 tanks led by Red Altman

90th Commando Squadron- 88 troops led by Marcus Platt

96th Infantry Squadron- 154 troops led by Daniel Beckmann

Chernos Division- under the staff of Brig. Gen. Yasser Lazarus

137th Infantry Squadron 'Alpha'- 110 troops led by Andrew Lin

144th Infantry Squadron 'Max'- 78 troops led by Norman Valon

72nd Armored Fist 'Wrangel'- 126 troops and 42 tanks led by Tim Hemmerman

75th Armored Fist 'Phos'- 117 troops and 28 tanks led by Casey Dean

81st Armored Fist 'Alexius'- 132 troops and 25 tanks led by Pedro Schmidt

Rex Division- under the staff of Rudolf Belka

22nd Presidential Blackcoats- 125 elite troops led by Rudolf Belka

23rd Presidential Armored Fist- 89 elite troops and 43 tanks led by Jackson Cavalier

105th Infantry Squadron 'Shiva'- 44 troops led by Josico Morientes

42nd Armored Fist 'Odin'- 100 troops and 15 tanks led by Marissa Dietermann

67th Commando Squadron 'Aethel'- 89 troops and 6 tanks led by Felix Smith

39th Counter-Insurgent Squadron- 77 troops and 15 tanks led by Judd Andrews

46th Commando Squadron 'Kite'- 70 troops led by Justine Ebelman


Attack Divisions- Rex, Julia and Gotha

Security Divisions- Rex, Chernos

Air Force

(None so far)

Naval Forces

(None so far)

Edited by Rudolf Belka
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